Story 1999-04-13 Munich, Germany

13.04.99 Munich, Germany, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´Well, I´m so glad to be here in your city tonight….but I want to let you know that we´re not here tonight for a casual visit….we´re not here on a vacation, we came here tonight with a purpose….(?) it´s been a long journey, there´s been darkness, there´s been light, there´s been struggle, there´s been joy, there´s been hardship but there´s been….fortuity….and I….I´ve come a long way…long….long….long….long….long….long….long…..(goes through the miles and towns he´s been) Munich….(?) Munich….uh….uh….(lists more towns) and I want to let you know that I know you´re downhearted, I know you´ve been (?), I know you´ve been dispossessed, I know you´ve been disoriented, I know you´ve been discombobolated and I want to let you know that I, I, I, I, I can feel your pain….I know you´ve been analyzed, downsized, retropsychedelicized, stigmatised, I want to let you know that I, I, I, I, I know you´re worried, your stocks up, your bonds down, you´re worried about the Y2K-problem, mortality rearing its ugly head, the Good Book says ´Louie, Louie, oh-oh, we all got to go´, I want you to know that I, I, I, I, I, I, I cannot promise you life everlasting….but I can promise you life….right now…and all you´ve got to do is say ´I´….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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