Story 1999-07-20 East Rutherford, NJ

20.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, middle of ´Tenth Avenue Freeze Out´
´´Alright….now, I´ve got a story I´ve got to tell you….when I was a young man….I walked as a little child and I walked down many, many different avenues….the avenue of love, the avenue of fear….the avenue of faith, the avenue of cynicism….the avenue of hope, the avenue of despair….the avenue of sexual pleasure (cheers)….a very popular avenue….but wherever I walked, I was alone….and I was smiling on the outside but everybody knows that old story, I was crying on the inside….and then I came to a crossroads….a moment of decision….of choice….and I stood there for a moment and at the crossroads there was a sign and one sign, I´d walked down many avenues, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth but there was a sign ´Tenth Avenue´….but to get down Tenth Avenue, I was gonna have to give it up !….I don´t wanna give it up….the sign said ´Tenth Avenue and ´E´….now I didn´t know what that ´E´ meant but it was a signifying moment….and so I took that leap of faith, that risk and I ventured on and I came to a man playing the piano in the middle of the road….he was playing something so sweet (Roy plays)….Professor Roy Bittan….and my soul, my soul felt a little bit lighter….and then I walked on….and I came to a young man, actor, musician, politician, Renaissance man….come on, play it, Steve (Steve plays a bit of ´Soul Man´) my soul brother, Steve Van Zandt on the guitar….and my soul felt a little bit lighter, then I walked on….but I needed some foundation in my life….I heard a bass man, play it, Garry (Garry plays) you´re scaring me, Brother, you´re scaring me (chuckles)(Garry keeps on playing)…Mr.Garry Tallent on the bass….(?)(chuckles) and then I walked on, let me hear some drums, man (Max plays)…Mighty Max Weinberg, star of Late Night Television….and then I walked on…..he left his job down at the carwash, he left his mama a goodbye note and I met a swinging little guitar man, Nils Lofgren (Nils plays) Nils Lofgren on the guitar…and then I came to a city by the sea and there was a man there waiting for me….and I walked up a flight of stairs….and I walked up anothe flight of stairs and I heard (Dan plays) Phantom Dan Federici on the organ….and I walked on but still I felt so lonely inside…. I felt like my heart was still cold….now, I´d been all around the world and I kissed all kinds of girls….a very long time ago….not really that many….I can only recollect a few, as a matter of fact (chuckles)….but along the way I learned some lessons and I came up with an equation, it went something like this….brunettes are fine, blondes are fun but when it comes to getting a dirty job done, I need a (crowd : ´Red Headed Woman´) yeah, man, I´m searching for a (crowd : ´Red Headed Woman´) oh, man, I´m looking for a (crowd : ´Red Headed Woman´) I´ve got to find myself a (crowd : ´Red Headed Woman´) oh, yeah, I´m looking for a (crowd: ´Red Headed Woman´) yeah, man, I´ve got to have a (crowd : ´Red Headed Woman´) oh, my heart is beating now (crowd : ´Red Headed Woman´) yeah, man, I´m looking for a (crowd : ´Red Headed Woman´)(Patti sings a bit of ´Rumble Doll´) Miss Patti Scialfa on the guitar and vocals….I´ve got to testify (chuckles)….now the long way down that road ….things were looking pretty good but still, there´s still something missing, now wait for me, Max, there was still something missing….something kind of big…something very important….say what ?….say who ?…say what ?….say who ?…say what ?….say who ?….say who ?…say what ?…say who ?…say what ?….say who ?….say what ?….say who ?….”

20.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´The great….state of New Jersey !….but everywhere I´ve gone I´ve seen people lost in confusion….I´ve seen people lost in bitterness…..and I´ve seen people lost in loneliness….. now we´re here tonight, ladies and gentlemen, not just to visit some old friends, (?) disco down the Shore and get a Max´s hot dog….not just to improve our suntans….we´re here tonight with a purpose !….if you´ve been downhearted, disspirited, disgusted, dispossessed, we´re coming to get you….if you´ve been analyzed, downsized, stigmatised, fractionalised, factionalised, Pokemonized, retropsychedelicized, we´re coming to get you….if your soul has bad credit, it´s good here tonight, if your heart´s running on empty, come on in, we´re gonna fill it up for you, if your spirit´s bankrupt, I´m gonna lift that debt up off you and I´m gonna set you free in the morning !….we´ve been tried, we´ve been tested, we´ve been proven, I´m coming to resuscitate you, regenerate you, reconfiscate you, reindoctrinate you, resexualate you, rededicate you, reliberate you with the power, the promise, with the power, the promise, the power, the promise, the power, the promise….the majesty, the mystery….with the ministry of rock and roll !….now I know what you´re worried, you´re worried about the Y2K-problem….you´ve got Millenium fever….your stocks up, your bonds down, your worried that mortality is rearing its ugly head, well, I want to tell you that I, I, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot promise you life everlasting….but I can promise you life…. right now !….and all you’ve got to do is raise your hand and say ‘I’….”

20.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´Freehold´
´´Thank you….a bad note (?)….oh, sit down for a second, I got a song, it´s got….I need a little bit of quiet for this one, this is a song I wrote about going back to my hometown (cheers) oh ! (chuckles) its fame precedes it….I, I went back and I played at my Catholic grammar school….to heal myself (laughs) and uh, it was kind of a big-deal night in town, you know, all the, the place was filled with locals and….all the nuns were there and all the priests were there and the Sister that taught me came from out-of-town, came back and….and uh…I wrote this song especially for that occasion….but it´s a good coming-home song no matter where you are but uh….it does take a lot of quiet so I need a lot of quiet from you so I can concentrate (chuckles) and it goes on a little bit so I need your help, alright ?….good…. ´cause I will whip your ass if you´re not quiet (chuckles)….this is called ´Freehold´….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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