Story 1999-07-29 East Rutherford, NJ

29.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, middle of ´Tenth Avenue Freeze Out´
´´Now, I´ve got a story to tell….it´s mostly a true story but it´s kind of like a fable….now, when I was a young man, I walked as a little child….and I walked down many avenues….the avenue of love and the avenue of fear….the avenue of hope, the avenue of despair….the avenue of faith, the avenue of cynicism….the avenue of compassion….the avenue of selfishness….the avenue of, of….commitment….and the avenue of inappropriate sexual contact (cheers) the avenue of sexual pleasure (cheers) a popular and busy avenue….but everywhere I walked, I was alone, moving through the world on my own….and then I came to a crossroads….now, everybody comes to a crossroads in their life that´s a moment of choice, of decision….and that crossroads, there was a sign, I´d been down 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, (?) 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, same old thing, 7th Avenue, 8th Avenue, 9th Avenue, back to the same place that where I started, then I seen a sign that said ´Tenth Avenue´….and a cross-sign that said ´E´….but I didn´t know what that meant and I´d never been down that avenue so I was frightened….but then I heard something in the distance…..I heard something so sweet leading me on, telling me to take that leap of faith…. play it, Roy (Roy plays) Professor Roy Bittan on the piano….playing right in the middle of a damn avenue…..and so I walked on in search of friendship and I came to a man, actor, musician, rock and roll politician, star of that cable TV show ´The Sopranos´, Silvio, Silvio, play it, Steve (Steve plays a bit of ´Theme from ´The Godfather´´) Steve Van Zandt right there…..and I felt a little lighter so I walked on further….and now I needed some foundation in my life, come on, Garry (Garry plays a bit of ´Fire´) don´t make me do it, baby (sings the 1st verse of ´Fire´) oh yeah…..Garry Tallent on the bass guitar….(?)….well, then I walked on ….and I put an ad in the want-ads and a man knocked on the door….come on, Max, play it, man (Max plays) Mighty Max Weinberg, star of Late Night Television, the Conan O´Brien Show, Conan´s not too bad either….yeah…..and then I walked on, looking for a guitar man and my soul was feeling lighter and I found a man who played like the devil, sing like an angel (?) come on, Nils, do what you did again (Nils plays) Nils Lofgren on the guitar….and then I walked on…..I walked on and I came to a city by the sea…..and I felt a spirit moving ….yeah, I felt a spirit moving…..and out of the holy city of Flemington, New Jersey….home of Flemington Furs….come on, Dan (Dan plays) Phantom Dan Federici on the organ….then I walked on….and my soul was feeling lighter but my heart was still cold….and I was feeling so lonely….and I´d get to feeling so lonely….so I thought…..I´ve made some mistakes…. trying to figure how to get a part of my life together….and then I came up with an equation…. and it all came clear….brunettes are fine, blondes are fun but when it comes to getting a dirty job done, it takes a (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) yeah, man, I said it takes a (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) oh, now I´m searching for a (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) yeah, come on, birthday girl (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) oh, man, I´m looking for a (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) I´ve got to have myself a (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) oh, man, I´m searching for a (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) yeah, in the midnight hour now (crowd : ´Red headed woman´) oh, come on, sugar (?)(crowd : ´Red headed woman´)(Patti sings a bit of ´Rumble Doll´) Miss Patti Scialfa on the guitar and vocals….I´ve got to testify now….come one…. and now….I was feeling a lot better but there was still….still something missing, something missing… just wasn´t right yet….there was something really important missing …. something essential missing….say what ?….say who ?….say what ?….say who ?….say what ? ….say who ?….say what ?….say who ?….say what ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?…. say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….”

29.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´Red Headed Woman´
´´(some people are holding up ´Rosie´-signs) Put them fucking signs down (chuckles) I´ve got a job to do….alright, my, my, my, what is tonight ?….what´s the tempo, Max ?….”

29.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, middle of ´Give the Girl a Kiss´
´´Alright, this is the important part….(?) the kissing part….if you´re here with your baby….if you´re here with your partner….if you´re here with your friends, kissing time….if you´re despicable and you´re here by yourself, just kiss yourself for a minute….´cause I feel love in the Meadowlands sports complex tonight….they play basketball and hockey here but we´re gonna do some kissing right now….are you ready ?….we need a little more of the romantic mood (lights are brought down low)….ah, everybody right now, aaaah, kiss (makes kissing sounds) ooh, yeah, oh,oh, that´s right, yeah, go ahead, ooh, ooh, come here, birthday girl, ooh, a little bit higher, little bit higher, no, no, a little bit lower, a little bit lower, lower….
ooh, happy birthday to me ! (goes on with the kissing) Elvis is alive ! (?)(Patti catches Bruce making out with his guitar)….”

29.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´The great….state of New Jersey !….I said the great state of New Jersey !….but everywhere I´ve gone I´ve seen people lost in the wilderness…..I´ve seen people lost in bitterness…..I´ve seen people lost in loneliness, well, I want to tell you that tonight we´re here on a search-and-rescue mission….if you´ve been downhearted, disspirited, disgusted, dispossessed, analyzed, downsized, stigmatised, fractionalised, factionalised, Pokemonized, Pikachuized, retropsychedelicized, we´re here tonight to let you know that if your soul´s got bad credit, it´s good here and if your heart´s running on empty, we´re gonna fill it up and if your spirit´s bankrupt, we´re gonna lift that debt up off you and set you free in the morning !….I´m here tonight to re-educate, to resuscitate, to regenerate, to reconfiscate, to reindoctrinate, to resexualate, to rededicate, to reliberate you with the power and the promise, with the power and the promise, with the power and the promise, the majesty, the mystery, with the ministry of rock and roll !….now I know what you´re thinking, you´re saying ´Ooh, I´ve got so many problems and so many personal problems´, you´re worried about the Y2K-problem, you´ve got Millenium fever coming on, mortality….is rearing its ugly head and you know what the Good Book says, Chapter One, Verse One : ´Louie, Louie, oh-oh, we´ve all got to go´, well, I can´t, I can´t, I can´t, I cannot promise you life everlasting but I can promise you life right now !….and all you’ve got to do is raise your hand and say ‘I’….”

29.07.99 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´Freehold´
´´Gonna do this one for the Mayor, the Mayor is here tonight, the Mayor of Freehold….well, I wrote this song for my hometown….went back to my Catholic grammar school, figured I wanted something to sing (cheers) oh, you´ve been there ! ….and uh….so I wrote this song, needs a little bit of quiet….and uh, I´ll dedicate this to the Mayor tonight…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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