Story 1999-08-11 East Rutherford, NJ

11.08.99 East Rutherford, NJ, middle of ´Tenth Avenue Freeze Out´
´´(sings ´Take Me to the River´) Oh, that´s right….I´ve got a story to tell you….when I was a young man, I walked as a little child and you know how when you´re a child, if you get caught in the forest as night is falling, you´re frightened of moving through those woods to make it back home….well, when we grow up, we´re supposed to leave our fears behind but that doesn´t always happen….and so as a young man I found myself standing before that dark grove of trees, frightened to move on to the other side where I knew that the river of life was waiting…..and the river of love….and the river of meaning….and cold beer at a reasonable price…..and the problem was wherever I walked, I was walking alone….and as I stood before those trees that night…..something led me on and gave me courage to move forward into the woods, I heard something that sounded so sweet…..come on, Roy (Roy plays) it was
Professor Roy Bittan playing….and then I walked on and I found a man, guitarist, star of the ´Sopranos´, rock and roll musician, politician, Renaissance man, Mr.Steve Van Zandt, come on Steve (Steve plays a bit of ´Soul Man´) Stevie Van Zandt on the guitar….and then I walked on and I heard a deep, deep, deep, deep rumble coming out of the wood, play it, Garry (Garry plays a bit of ´We Gotta Get Out of This Place´) yeah, Mr.Garry W.Tallent on the bass guitar….and then I walked on and I heard something mighty thundering from the trees, come on, Max (Max plays) Mighty Max Weinberg, star of Late Night Television….and then I walked on and I heard something (?) come on, Nils (Nils plays) the greatest guitar man in the land, Mr.Nils Lofgren on the guitar….and then I walked on and I heard something, something whistling through the treetops…..come on, Danny (Dan plays) Phantom Dan Federici on the organ….and then I walked on and I noticed in the treetops….the bluebird of love flying from branch to branch….and he nestled right here on my shoulder….and whispered something in my ear, it said ´Brunettes are fine, blondes are fun but when it comes to getting a dirty job done, it takes a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) yeah, man, I think it takes a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) oh, I said I´m searching for a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) I´ve got to find myself a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) I come a-looking for a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) oh, in the midnight hour, baby (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) yeah, I said I´m searching for a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) I´ve got to find myself a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) come on, baby, now (Patti sings a bit of ´Rumble Doll´)…Miss Patti Scialfa on guitar and vocals….now, I´d made it all the way through the woods, almost to the other side….but there was still something really important missing…. something really essential….that we could not go on without…..something really big….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say what ? ….say what ?….say what ?….say what ?….say what ?….say what ?….”

11.08.99 East Rutherford, NJ, middle of ´Light of Day´
“I been 100 miles, 200 miles, 300 miles, 400 miles, 500 miles, 600 miles, 700 miles, 800 miles, I been 800 miles, 900 miles, 1000 miles, 2000 miles, 3000 miles, 4000 miles, 5000 miles, 6000 miles, 7000 miles, 8000 miles, I been to Alabama, California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, (?) Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Sarasota, Buffalo. Toronto, Winslow, Arizona, Johnstown, Jerseyille, Hohokus, back to the car, (?) New York, Maplewood, Long Branch, (?), Maplewood, South Orange, East Orange, West Orange, Matawan, to see your Mom…” .but everywhere I´ve gone I´ve seen people lost in confusion…. lost in bitterness….lost in loneliness….but tonight we´re here on a search-and-rescue mission, we´re coming to get, you´ve been downhearted, you´ve been disspirited, you´ve been Stravinskyed (?) Koczinskyed, Lewinskyed, your heart running on empty, we´re gonna fill it up, I´m gonna resuscitate, I´m gonna reconfiscate, I´m gonna regenerate, I´m gonna resexualate, I´m gonna reliberate you with the power, the promise, the power, the promise, the majesty, the mystery, the foolishness, the ministry of rock and roll !….I said I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, you´re worried about the Y2K-problem, you´ve got Millenium fever, your stocks up, your bonds are down, mortality rearing its ugly head, well, I cannot promise you life everlasting but I can promise you life right now !…..give me that line….and all you´ve got to do is raise your hand and say ´I´…. ”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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