Story 1999-09-21 Philadelphia, PA

21.09.99 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´Tenth Avenue Freeze Out´
”(sings ´Take Me to the River’) Oh, that´s right….take it easy now….that´s right…. that´s where I want to go….I wanna go to the riverside… the river of life…..and the river of love….and the river of friendship….and companionship….the river of faith, the river of hope ….I want to go there tonight…..and I want you to go with me ….because I need to go with you…..because you can’t get there by yourself….are you listening to me ? (cheers)….I said you can´t get there by yourself….are you listening to me ? (cheers)… can´t get there alone…even though everybody at some time in their life think they can…..but you find out in the end you can´t get there alone….well, I found myself, as a young man, standing before a dark grove of trees and I was frightened to pass through those trees to the other side even though I knew that just beyond that (?) the river of life was waiting, the river of a meaningful life, the river of hope and cold beer at a reasonable price….but I couldn´t get there because I was paralyzed….my legs felt like stone….I was frightened (?)….and the courage that I knew it´d take to get to the other side of that (?) of woods and just as I was about to turn around….. I saw a light through the trees and I walked into the trees and there was a gypsy woman….. sitting out in front of an air-stream trailer …. and she beckoned me forward…..I told her what my problem was and she said ´Well, your problem, Mr.Indepedence, is that you need some help, you can´t get there on your own….now, just listen for a minute´ and I listened and in through the trees I hear (Roy plays)…..Secretary of intelligence, the dean of the university of musical perversity, Roy Bittan on the piano…..with me at the riverside….come on Steve (Steve plays) the Secretary of friendship, keeper of all that is righteous, Steve Van Zandt on the guitar….with me at the riverside….come on, Garry (Garry plays) the foundation of the E Street nation, on the bass guitar, Southern man, Mr.Garry W.Tallent with me at the riverside….come on, Max (Max plays) the Secretary of syncopation, the Minister of the mighty beat, Mighty Max star of Late Night Television with me at the riverside….come on, Nils (Nils plays) Secretary of heart and spirit, Mr.Nils Lofgren on the guitar….come on, Dan (Dan plays) Phantom Dan Federici on the organ (?)…brunettes are fine, blondes are fun but when it comes to getting a dirty job done, it takes a (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) (?) (crowd : ‘Red Headed Woman’) I´m searching for my baby (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) I´ve got to, I´ve got to (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman’) I´ve got to find my girl now (crowd : ‘Red Headed Woman’) oh, na, na now (crowd :‘Red Headed Woman´) (Patti sings a bit of ´Rumble Doll´) the First Lady of love and sweet harmony, Miss Patti Scialfa on the guitar and vocals…..with me at the riverside….but there was still something missing…..something essential….something very important…..something very big…..I´m talking about the Minister of soul, the Secretary of brotherhood, Emperor of (?)….do I have to say his name ?….say who ?…say who ?….say who ? … say who ?….say who ?…. say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?….say who ?…”

21.09.99 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´The Ghost of Tom Joad´
´´Thank you…gonna do this for some friends, some friends of ours here tonight, there´s folks ….sitting right in the lobby from the Kensington Welfare Rights Union ….that´s (?) organization provided for poor and homeless people, if you believe that we all have a right to a home and minimum wage and health care for every family and for children….and if you believe that now in the coming century with the economy building, America has a historic opportunity and an obligation to live up to its promise….promise of equal opportunity and economic justice for all….well, the Kensington Welfare Rights Union are based right here in Philadelphia and they´re working towards that goal, in October they´ll be conducting the March of the Americas march into Washington D.C, to the United Nations´ in New York (?) human rights to food, housing and education and (?) economic human rights campaign….(?) the kind of country I want my children to grow up in (?)… the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, they´re working….to make that country real (?)….check ´em out when you go out, they deserve your support and your time, this is for the Kensington Welfare Rights Union….”

21.09.99 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´Philadelphia, PA !…I said Philadelphia….everywhere I´ve gone I´ve seen people lost in the wilderness….I´ve seen people lost in bitterness…..I´ve seen people lost in loneliness….I´ve seen people lost in cheesesteaks….I´ve seen mamas lost on parades, I´m here tonight (?) on a search-and-rescue mission, we´re here on a search-and-rescue mission, if your soul´s got bad credit, if your heart´s running on empty, if your spirit´s bankrupt, we´re coming to get you, I´m here tonight to re-educate, to resuscitate, to regenerate, to reconfiscate, to reindoctrinate, to resexualate, to rededicate, to recombobolate, to reliberate you with the power, with the promise, with the majesty, with the mystery, with the ministry….of rock and roll !….that´s right….that´s right ….that´s right….unlike my competitors, I will not, I shall not, I can not promise you life everlasting but I can, but I can, but I can, but I can promise you life right now !….and all you´ve got to do is raise your hand and say ´I´….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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