Story 2001-10-19 Red Bank, NJ

19.10.01 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´My City of Ruins´
´´This was a song that, uh….I wrote for Asbury Park and….like I was saying last night, songs have a way of, they go out into the world and they, uh….they, hopefully they end up where people need ´em so, uh, I guess, this is a gift from Asbury Park to New York City in its time of need….”

19.10.01 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´Alright….just wanna say, uh….we´ve been glad to be here to entertain you these past few nights and uh….we hope we´ve given you some smiles and a little bit of strength so….”

19.10.01 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Stand By Me´
´´We´re gonna try and get everybody out here….oh, this has been such a great collection of, uh….of musicians, it´s been just fun just watching this show, I´ve been standing by the side of the stage just watching everybody play and uh, I wanna thank Garry, Garry Tallent really put all of the talent together…come on out, everybody….they did such a great job….”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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