Story 2001-12-04 Asbury Park, NJ

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Jam Up´
´´Good evening, welcome to beautiful Asbury Park´s Convention Hall in downtown Asbury Park, enjoy the show ! Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg 7…..´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Seaside Bar Song´
´´Oh….alright, gonna, uh….do this song for Dominic down at the Stone Pony, who´s done a nice job of renovating the Pony…it´s nice to have the Pony back and on the boards here in Asbury…wrote this song after the night I had my first drink….I went down to see Bo Diddley in a little bar on a South Jersey Shore….alright, are we ready ?….here we go…..´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Love (Stand Up)´
´´Oh yeah, I was telling the folks last night that Patti´s still working on that second album (chuckles) it´s taken a little while, ´bout twice as long as it took us to make ´The River´ (chuckles) but that was only two years so it´s like (chuckles) but she´s got some good songs, she´s working very hard, very hard (chuckles) so this is one of ´em, come on, Red, sing this one….´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Spanish Dancer´ (following ´Love (Stand Up)´)
´´Now we only need nine more and the record is done (chuckles)….(Patti: ´This is called ´Spanish Dancer´ (?)´)….´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Welcome to the World´ (following ´Spanish Dancer´)
´´Yeah, Miss Patti Scialfa….gonna bring out a friend of mine, we started pretty much around the same time in the city, New York City, back in the 70´s….he´s always been one of my favorite, favorite songwriters and singers, Garland, Garland Jeffreys, come on out…..yeah man…..alright, and we got the Alliance Singers, gonna come out and sing with us tonight…. (Garland Jeffreys: ´Great to be here tonight….you probably heard the story from last night´s show, I may have to repeat it….I´m not a stranger to these parts….I´m a New York boy and I´m sorry but….but I met my wife over at the Stone Pony 21 years ago) and I (chuckles) (Garland: ´Jersey girl !´) and I explained to him that I met my wife at the Stone Pony 20 years ago but that I married somebody else

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´This Time It´s for Real´
´´Oh (chuckles) that guy´s great, great, great, great singer-songwriter, done so many great records, check ´em out, get those, get those Garland Jeffreys records out there (chuckles) now I´d like to bring out a young man, a young man that we all know and we all, I don´t know if we all love him but (chuckles) but we all know him (chuckles) he´s having a special day, I´m not gonna go any further (chuckles) Southside Johnny, come out…..(Southside: ´I heard every word….every word !…..(?)´)….he looks great for 66, it´s incredible….(Southside: ´Thank you very much….I hate you all´)….´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Talk to Me´
´´(Southside: ´Oh, leave him alone, will you ?´)…It´s your birthday, man, you gotta enjoy it (Southside: ´I don´t have to´) ´enjoy´ and ´Southside´, they, they just don´t go together, just don´t go together (Southside: ´Well, look at all these people that you invited to my party´) just don´t go together (Southside: ´And I know that Bruce´s got my present backstage…. Bruce´s got my big present backstage, my expensive present, don´t you have my present backstage ?´) (?) and the heartbreakers for Southside right after the show…. (Southside: ´That´s enough for me….a little love and affection, you know what I´m saying, that´s all I want´) are you ready, Southside ?….(?) can you make, can you make it on your birthday ? ….´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Black Books´ (following ´It´s Been a Long Time´)
´´Southside !….what can we say about the man ?….there he goes….woo !….hey, it´s a little warm in here (chuckles) I just noticed….oh, got a guy, uh (?)….uh, he came to the rescue for me many years ago and since then he´s been, he´s just been, uh… incredible person to have around me, Nils, come on out….(Nils: ´Hey, everybody, it´s a great honor to be here, welcome….I´m one of the other guys who met my wife 21 years ago at the Stone Pony…. here´s a tune called ´Black Books´….´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Shine Silently´
´´(Nils Lofgren: ´You all doing alright ? (cheers) a pretty cool party that Bruce is throwing here, huh ? (cheers) and the Max Weinberg 7….yeah´)….´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´My City of Ruins´
´´Thank you….thank you…..(?) thank you very much, uh, let me see, come on up (?) yeah, everybody, come back, come back, come back…I wanna thank everybody for coming out tonight and for supporting us here at the shows, there´s a lot going since we´ve been here a year ago in Asbury Park, there´s just a lot happening in town, just for your information, tonight we´re here for the, uh, Mission of the Foodback of Monmouth and Ocean County, that´s right….they´re providing training….and, uh, working to eliminate hunger here in Monmouth and Ocean County, they´re worth your support…..we´re also here for the Asbury Park Police Explorers Post (?)….Nina Rudolph, Tyrel Warton from Police Explorers Post (?) …..yeah (chuckles) the Explorers are composed of boys and girls aged from 14 to 21 from Asbury, Neptune and Bradley Beach and they work with (?) and the Asbury Park Police Department (?) confidence and new skills, they participate in honor guards in parades and they assist with traffic and crowd control at events like the Clearwater Festival (?)….alright, so, uh, and the Clearwater Festival, just to mention that the Clearwater Festival is, yeah, they´re gonna have to start singing if they don´t move, come, Nina (chuckles) I´m gonna have to pay in a minute (chuckles) but uh (chuckles) but, uh, like I mentioned, the, uh, Clearwater Festival has now got its new home in Asbury Park…..and uh….I believe that, that´s gonna happen in August and they have a beautiful couple of afternoons right out here on the lawn in front of Convention Hall, I was here last year with my kids, everybody had a great time, please come down, bring your family, bring your children and enjoy the Clearwater Festival, it´s an important organization in their new home here in Asbury Park…..yes, now, in Asbury we got a new city government, yeah, alright ! new mayor and council, the best we´ve had in a long, long time and they´ve been working hard for the city´s revitalisation, the legal hurdles to the Beachfront Redevelopment have been cleared up so that´s starting to, uh, get going down the road….there´s gonna be something on this boardwalk one of these days, yeah….. and uh…..there are many, many downtown buildings under renovation, there´s a lot of people investing here in Asbury, there´s also a lot of great, great places open now you can stop, Michael´s Deli on Main Street, I eat there, that´s good (chuckles) go check ´em out, Sonny´s Southern Cuisine in the (?) building, he has music a couple of nights a week, the Ocean Park Gallery, the House to Home, they sell antiques, (?) Gallery, that´s Michelle at the (?) Gallery, she sells art, photography and crafts, Alan and Susie´s Vintage Clothing, they got a place in New York and one here in Asbury now, and the House of Modern Living on Cookman Avenue selling 20th century antiques (?) the Mayor of Cookman Avenue, he´s with us tonight, let´s have a round, he´s been there a long time…..he´s inspired a lot of other people to open stores in the downtown area so please come and join in the revitalisation of Asbury Park, this is our prayer for the city that we love…..yeah…..´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Here Comes the Sun´
´´Let´s hear it for the Alliance Singers…..Soozie and Lisa….here´s another one for Asbury…. Bobby Bandiera !…..´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home´ (following ´Here Comes the Sun´)
´´The most invaluable man in Asbury Park, Bobby Bandiera, does everything for everybody …..ladies and gentlemen, let´s bring ´em back, if we dare, Southside !….(?)….´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´Alright….only in Asbury Park…..´´

04.12.01 Asbury Park, NJ, intro to ´Santa Claus Is Coming to Town´
´´Let me just take a minute and thank all these musicians that´ve been entertaining you all night….they´re working so hard for nothing (chuckles) and uh, first I wanna thank Max and his band, thank you, E Street Band (?)….thank you, Lisa….Baby, Bobby B…..alright, let´s go ….(?) that´s right…, here we come now…..come on up Santa´s helpers….we need Santa´s helpers…..oh, here they come…..Santa need help-a ! Santa needs lots of help !….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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