Story 2002-10-04b Boston, MA

04.10.02 Boston, MA, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Gonna do this for the Zakim family that are with us tonight, for Joyce, this is for you….for Josh, Shari and Deena, this is for you and your Pop….(?) last time we played Boston….my manager Jon came back and said ´There´s a guy coming down tonight…this is the guy that´s out there doing everything that you´re singing about….and his name is Lenny Zakim´ and uh ….I got to know Lenny a little bit during the last year of his life, he was a…I said this afternoon, he was one of those people whose…..for some reason, whose spirit you can feel (?)….he was just somebody who took the words of this song and….and….walked it like he talked it….”

04.10.02 Boston, MA, intro to ´For You´
´´Thanks, uh….this is for the old timers out there….anybody from Oliver´s (chuckles) Joe´s Place ?…what´s happened to Joe ? (chuckles)….”

04.10.02 Boston, MA, middle of ´Ramrod´
´´Are you with me, Brother ? (Steve : ´Oh yeah´)….is the band with me ?….are the people with me ? (cheers)….because, Steve, it must be just about quitting time right now….oh yes, I believe it´s beddy-bye time, Steve…. (Steve : ´No, it ain´t´) oh yes, I believe it´s time to get a little snack and get on my new pj´s and sit in front of the TV for two hours, that´s what time it is….(Steve : ´No, no, no´) hey, Brother, it´s two hookers at the Four Seasons time….(Steve: ´No, it´s not´)…Steve….then Steve, what time is it ?….(Steve : ´It´s Boss-ton-time´)….”

04.10.02 Boston, MA, intro to ´My City of Ruins´
´´Thank you, thanks for coming out tonight, thank you…..we´ve had some, some friends with us in the hall tonight, got folks from the Lenny Fund, a reflection of Lenny Zakim´s personal ideals are the mission of Lenny Fund ´cause they support and they connect grassroots´ community organizations who are all operating below the radar screen (?) of government branch and Lenny Fund provides assistance for those who demonstrate the will and the potential to make a difference in civil and in human rights (?) that´s the Lenny Fund with us tonight….Lenny Zakim….and the Greater Boston Foodbank with us, the largest hunger relief organization in New England in the hall tonight, they deserve your support….we´ve got folks from the AIDS Brigade, AIDS Brigade, national AIDS Bridage, undertakes regional and national and international AIDS prevention….uh… ´86, the AIDS Brigade, they established the nation´s first, first needle-exchange program…..and in ´92, they opened the nation´s first Veterans With AIDS Drop-In Center, that´s the AIDS Brigade, folks out there making your town Boston a more better, more humane place to live….this is for them…..”

04.10.02 Boston, MA, intro to ´Born in the U.S.A´
"Thank you….I wanna thank everybody for coming out, once again thank you….it´s always a pleasure to come to Boston….and uh….I want to, uh….before we go, just a couple of public service announcements….of course the Lenny Fund, The Greater Boston Foodbank and the AIDS Brigade, they all deserve your support and uh….outside of that, just a little heads up here, you know, we´re in the midst of a rollback of civil rights right now, civil rights are a reaffirmation of our strength as a nation of laws, that means due process….we don´t usually think about these things until it comes knocking on our own door or until it´s too late….and in nations in time of emergency, always, always, always the pressure goes down on civil rights, it´s a time to be very vigilant, there´s also a lot of war talk….(?) it´s never served this nation well to rush into a war, I´d demand a full debate on the war if I were you guys, keep your heads up….how ever, how ever you feel about it….and that vigilance, that responsobility comes with the turf when you´re born in the U.S.A…"

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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