Story 2002-10-05 New York City, NY

05.10.02 New York City, NY, ´´Saturday Night Live´´ (rehearsal) during ´´Lonesome Day´´ (1st take)
´´(Bruce bursts into laughter during the line ´´Better ask questions before you shoot´´ as Patti walks onstage late)….I´m gonna find my way through this lonesome day….Pittsburg! *….´´
[*"Pittsburg" could be in reference to a gig during the Born In the U.S.A-tour when Roy Bittan and Nils Lofgren were still playing ping-pong backstage when the rest of the band was already starting ´´Born in the U.S.A´´ onstage. This incident is mentioned in the article in the November 1992 issue of Musician).]

05.10.02 New York City, NY, ´´Saturday Night Live´´ (rehearsal) following ´´Lonesome Day´´ (1st take)
´´(?)….goddammit, somebody´s fired, I, I´m not sure who (chuckles) take your pick (chuckles) I´m telling you, baby (?)(chuckles)….oh (chuckles) there are too many members in the E Street Band now (chuckles) we can´t even tell if a few are missing (chuckles)….I was as surprised as you were, darling (chuckles) that´s why they call it ´a run-through´ (chuckles) that´s what these practises are for (chuckles) we´re gonna do it again, I insist on doing this one more time, I don´t care how much it costs….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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