Story 2002-10-06 Philadelphia, PA

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Empty Sky´
´´Hello, Philadelphia….good to see you…..woo !….alright….we got a few surprises in store for you now….but, uh…..for these next, uh, next two we need a little bit of quiet, thank you…..(strums the guitar)….forgot this baby, I´ll be right back (chuckles)…..(keeps strumming the guitar quietly for a minute or two) ok, little early Alzheimer´s settling in (keeps playing) I got it….oh !…..oh-oh (chuckles)….now, I have sung it a few other times ….I knew I shouldn´t have done that LSD before I got onstage….I knew I´d stayed away from that a long time for some reason…..but, uh (?) black shirt look so bright (*Bruce had a bright neon green shirt on)….alright…..ok…..´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Waitin´ On a Sunny Day´
´´I´m surprising myself tonight (chuckles)….a little, uh, Silvio fan club there…..(?)….little temporary insanity is good for everybody, alright, alright !…..good looking women… gentlemen….let´s go….´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´Mary´s Place´
´´So are you ready for that house party? (cheers) ´cause I especially wore my party shirt tonight….but if you´re gonna have a house party, the music has got to be raucous ….so I wanna introduce you the greatest little houseband in all the land…..on the piano, Professor Roy Bittan…on the violin and vocals, out of New York City, Sister Soozie Tyrell….the coolest little dj in the U.S.A and the only man (?) playing whatever the fuck he wants on the radio, ´Up from Little Steven´s Underground´, Little Steven Van Zandt….on the bass, the Tennesee Terror, Mr.Garry W.Tallent…..the man that brings the righteous power hour after hour, the Mighty, Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, the great, great Nils Lofgren…. soul brother….on the organ, Brother Dan Federici…..on the guitar and vocals, natural Viagra, ladies and gentlemen, the First Lady of Love, Miss Patti Scialfa…..and last but not least…..Minister of soul….Secretary of the brotherhood… wish you could be like him, but you can´t, ladies and gentlemen, forget about it….on the saxophone, are you ready to rumble?…..Big Man Clarence Clemons….(?)…..´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Incident on 57th Street´
´´This is for, uh, this is for Alexie (chuckles) if I can remember it….´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Dancing in the Dark´
´´The stage is a very dangerous place (?) it´s not to be toyed with… Nils will be suing you Monday morning, I´m telling you (chuckles) are you ready to dance ? (cheers) ….´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´Ramrod´
´´Hey Steve….I think it´s quitting time, baby….I think we got to go home and put on our pj´s and get a little snack in front of the tv time….I´m telling you it´s bedtime, baby….well, then, Steve, what time is it ?….(Steve: ´It´s Boss-time´)….´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´My City of Ruins´
´´Thank you, I wanna thank everybody for coming out tonight, thank you…..we appreciate all our longtime fans here in Philadelphia (?)….we have some friends with us in the hall tonight, we got folks from the Greater Philadelphia Foodbank…..they´ll be out there in the lobby, they´ve been here since ´81 (?) thousands in southeastern Pennsylvania were going hungry while there´s tons of surplus food that was going to waste from the food industry so the Greater Philadelphia Foodbank became the bridge between the food producers and the people here in the area that are struggling to get along (?) distribute 8 million pounds of food to (?) organizations in the area, they deserve your time and your support… I´ll send this out to them…..this is for the Greater Philadelphia Foodbank…..´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Born in the U.S.A´
´´I wanna thank you, thank you again for coming out tonight…..before we go, just a couple of public service announcements: once again, the Greater Philadelphia Foodbank, check them out on your way out, they can use your time and your support…..and the other one is just kind of a little heads-up: we´re in the midst right now of a rollback of Civil Rights, Civil Rights are a reaffirmation of our strength as a nation of laws, that means due process, we don´t usually think about it till it comes knocking on our door, till it´s too late, in times of emergency, Civil Rights always take a pounding and there´s also a lot of war talk in the air, however you feel about it, it´s never served our nation well to go rushing into a war, we should demand a full debate (?)….that vigilance and that responsibility comes with the turf when you´re born in the U.S.A….´´

06.10.02 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Kitty´s Back´
´´And only in Philadelphia…..´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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