Story 2002-10-27 London, England

27.10.02 London, England, intro to ´Jackson Cage´
´´We got a request (?) you´re following us all around with that sign (?)….´´

27.10.02 London, England, intro to ´Empty Sky´
´´Thank you….thanks…..nice to be back in this old building….had some nice nights here….(?) ….gonna need a little bit of quiet for these next two songs, please, thank you (some guy: ´I fooking luv ya´)(?)….too much love drives a man insane….Jerry Lee Lewis….´´

27.10.02 London, England, intro to ´Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street ?´
´´Gimme some lights, I need lights, gimme lights, I need lights on the ´prompter, I´ve got to see….gonna do ´Bus Stop´, C….´´

27.10.02 London, England, middle of ´Mary´s Place´
´´Are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready for that house party ? (cheers) alright…. but you can´t have a house party without a houseband…..and the music has got to be raucous ….so I wanna introduce to you the greatest little houseband in all the land, ladies and gentlemen, to the far side of the stage, ten fingers that have no mercy, the pathological piano-pumping Professore, the illegitimate son of Jerry Lee Lewis and Liberace, Professor Roy Bittan.…they have no mercy….on the vocals and violin, out of New York City, Sister Soozie Tyrell….on the guitar, star of ´The Sopranos´-television show….the only man comfortable anyplace in the world in his pyjamas….the coolest little dj in the U.S.A….Little Steven on the guitar….brother man….brother man….on the bass guitar, we´ve got the man bringing the thunder from down under, the Tennesee Terror, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, the man that brings the power hour after hour, night after night, star of Late Night Television, the Mighty, Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, Secretary of heart and spirit, the great Nils Lofgren….on the organ, born in western New Jersey back in 1950, a man that won the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, was sent to Switzerland, he showed ´em suckers how to play the accordion, Brother Dan Federici on the organ… the far side of the stage, the First Lady of Love, on guitar and vocals, Miss Patti Scialfa…´s you, baby !….you, girl !….wo !….and last but not least….I want to say London is finally ready for the Minister of soul….Secretary of the brotherhood…..probably the next king of England…..gimme a C-L-A-R-E-N-C-E, what´s that spell ?….what´s that spell ?….what´s that spell ?….I have seen future of the whole fucking thing and it´s Big Man, Clarence Clemons….(?) yes it is…..´´

27.10.02 London, England, intro to ´Dancing in the Dark´
´´Are you ready to dance ? (cheers) ooh, me too (chuckles)….´´

27.10.02 London, England, middle of ´Ramrod´
´´(?)…is the band with me ?….Stevie, I do believe that it´s quitting time….I do believe it´s going home time….I do believe, Stevie, it´s time to go back to the hotel and watch pornographic films….no ?….well, then, Stevie, what time is it ?….(Steve: ´It´s Boss-time !´) ….´´

27.10.02 London, England, intro to ´Born in the U.S.A´
´´Thank you….I originally wrote, wrote this song about the Vietnam War, wanna play it tonight as a prayer for peace….´´

27.10.02 London, England, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´I´m gonna do this for all the folks that´ve been following us around for the past couple of weeks and uh…..´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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