Story 2003-03-06 Richmond, VA

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´The Rising´´
´´Good to see you, Richmond….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´Empty Sky´´
´´Evening, Richmond, thank you….always nice to be back here in Richmond….a lot of, a lot of funny memories (chuckles)….oh yeah, thank you….oh, I, I need a little bit of quiet for these next two songs, please, thank you….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´Waitin´ On A Sunny Day´´
´´Thank you….alright….are you ready to sing one, Richmond? (crowd cheers)….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, middle of ´´Mary´s Place´´
´´Are you ready for a house party? (crowd cheers) I said are you ready for a house party tonight? (crowd cheers)….you´ve got to move out all the furniture….and there´s two things you need….one, if you´re gonna have a house party, the music has got to be righteous…two, you´ve got to get up off your ass, everybody now, come on….come on, it´s come on up for the ass-rising, that´s right….alright…that´s right….I wanna introduce to you the greatest little houseband in the land, on the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….on the violin and vocals, out of New York City, Sister Soozie Tyrell….on the guitar, the coolest little DJ in the U.S.A, Silvio, Silvio, wherefore art thou Silvio, Little Steven….that´s right….on the bass guitar, the Southern Terror, Mr. Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, the Minister of the big beat, the Ruler of the rhythm, star of ´Late Night (crowd: ´Television´) Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, the great, great Nils Lofgren….on the organ, Brother Dan Federici….to the far side of the stage, the First Lady of love, on guitar and vocals, and my personal savior, Miss Patti Scialfa….rescue me, I need you in my arms, rescue me, I want all your charms ´cause I´m lonely and I´m blue and I need you and your love too, come on and rescue….that´s how I (?)
….don´t try that at home….and last but not least….Minister of soul….Emperor of all Virginia ….ladies and gentlemen, you wish you could be like him but, I´m sorry, you can´t because there´s only one Clarence Big Man Clemons….that´s right….oh!….you the man….I can´t turn you loose, if I do, I´m gonna lose my mind, I can´t turn you loose, baby, if I do, I´m gonna lose my mind, hip shaking….I can´t….I can´t….help me….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´For You´´
´´Thank you….I´ll send this out to all my old friends here in Richmond tonight who´ve come down to see us….I´ll send this one out to Robbin Thompson….Dave Hazlett, if you´re there, I´ll send this one out to you….oh yeah….here we go….one, two….if I got this right….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´Let´s Go´´
´´We got some friends we´re gonna bring, Bruce Hornsby´s gonna come up and do a song with us….and Robbie Thompson (?)….alright….nice to be here with Robbie tonight (?) (chuckles)….we´re gonna do a song, uh, I did once before, a great, great father of rock´n´roll passed away just recently by the name of Hank Ballard, Hank Ballard wrote ´The Twist,´ he wrote ´Sexy Ways,´ he wrote ´Annie Had A Baby,´ he wrote ´Work With Me, Annie,´ if you haven´t heard these, you ought to go out and get ´em, Hank Ballard, a great, great father of rock´n´roll and he wrote this next song we´re gonna do and dedicate it to him and see how we do with it….alright, start it out, Roy…. ´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, middle of ´´Glory Days´´
´´Alright, come on now, Steve (Steve: ´Yeah, baby´) we gotta keep on rocking, kid (Steve: ´We do?´) we can´t go home now, Brother (Steve: ´We can´t?´) we can´t go home to those warm little pyjamas….cheeseburgers, french fries….x-rated movie off the cable….let´s go….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´My City Of Ruins´´
´´Thank you….thank you very much…..I wanna thank everybody for coming out to the show tonight, we appreciate your support….this was a town where we made our living in for a long time….back when there was only this place and one other place (chuckles) thank God we had two places (chuckles) and, uh, coming down here always kept us going and, uh….it was something that you don´t forget, we appreciate it very much….and uh….I wanna do this tonight for some folks that are here in the house with us, the Central Virginia Foodbank is here with us….they were founded here in the area in 1980 and last year they distributed more than 7.4 million pounds of food to folks who struggle here in Central Virginia….they work hard to raise awareness of hunger issues here in Central Virginia (?)…they can use your support, your assistance in any way possible, if you see them on the way out, those are the folks that are on the frontlines fighting a good fight, doing the things that we´re singing about, I wanna send this out to them….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´Born In The U.S.A´´
´´Thank you…wrote, uh….wrote this song back in the early-´80s about the Vietnam War, I hope I don´t have to write it again…I wanna send it out tonight as a prayer for peace and the safety of our sons and daughters and innocent Iraqi civilians, send this out to them….´´

06.03.03 Richmond, VA, intro to ´´Dancing In The Dark´´
´´One more for Richmond….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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