Story 2003-03-20 Melbourne, Australia

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, intro to ´´Empty Sky´´
´´Thank you and good evening, Melbourne….alright…..good to be back with you….brought the band this time….thanks, I need a little bit of quiet for these next couple songs, thank you …..´´

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, intro to ´´You´re Missing´´ (following ´Empty Sky´)
´´I wrote that song when, uh….towards the end of ´The Rising´-album and this fellow who was helping me with the album, album cover sent me over a picture of just clouds….I looked at it and said ´Empty sky´….and, uh, it´s one of those songs that occasionally I´d be singing it and you get to that ´Eye for an eye´-line and it´s a time right now when it pays to be understood, you know, that was a line I wrote, it was never a call for blind revenge or, or bloodlust (crowd cheers) was, uh, cry out from the character´s anger and, and grief and sadness….uh, that song and this song, uh….I dedicate this next song to folks here from New York and Australia….´´

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, intro to ´´Waitin´ On A Sunny Day´´
´´Alright, sing one with us….and be joined by the unique vocal stylings of Steven Van Zandt on this one….badabing….´´

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, middle of ´´Mary´s Place´´
´´…oh yeah….well, now you´re ready for a house party….a very big house party (chuckles) ….well, if you´re ready for a house party, there´s two things you´ve got to have, one, the music has got to be righteous….and two, you have got to get up off your ass….Jesus, my friends!….you must´ve all got them suckers from scalpers, man, that´s the only way you think you have the right to sit on your ass like that for so long, Jesus get up there!….(?)….well, I wanna introduce to you the greatest little house band in all the land….on the piano, we´ve got the (?) Professor Roy Bittan…on the violin and vocals, we´ve got Sister Soozie Tyrell out of New York City….on the guitar, we´ve got Silvio, Silvio, wherefore art thou Silvio, badabing, Mr.Steven Van Zandt….on the bass guitar, we got the Tennesee Terror, Mr Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, we´ve got the minister of the big beat, the man that bring the power hour after hour night after night all night long and star of Late Night (crowd: 'Television´) Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, we´ve got one of the greatest guitarists in all rock and roll, the great Nils Lofgren….give it up for the man….on the organ, out of Flemington, New Jersey, we´ve got Brother Dan Federici….oh that´s right, newly divorced and he hates to be alone….on this side of the stage we´ve got the First Lady of Love and my personal savior, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Patti Scialfa….oh, rescue me, ah, take me in your arms, rescue me and give me all your charms, ´cause I´m lonely and I´m blue and I need you and your love too, come on and rescue me….and last but not least, to the far right of the stage, ladies and gentlemen, we´ve got the Minister of soul….Emperor of Australia….I know you wish you could be like him but I'm sorry you can´t because there´s only one Clarence Big Man Clemons….that´s right….(?) oh yeah….alright….now, listen now….´´

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, intro to ´´Ramrod´´
´´All I wanna know is….are you ready to roadhouse????….Steve!….
(….) Come on, Steve….(?) hey, Steve….I think, I think it´s just about quitting time….I do believe it is time to return to the hotel….and have a Foster´s and throw a shrimp up on the barbi…no?….then what about a cheeseburger and some x-rated films?….no? well, then, Steve, what I wanna know is….what time is it?….(Steve: ´B-B-B-B-B-Boss-time´)….
(….) Mr. and Mrs. Australia, what I would like to know is what time is it? (crowd: ´Boss-time!´)….´´

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, intro to ´´My City Of Ruins´´
´´Thank you….I wanna thank everybody for coming out to the show tonight, thank you very much….it´s been a long time since we´ve been down here with the band and we appreciate your loyalty and your support, thank you very much…..´´

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, intro to ´´Dancing In The Dark´´
´´We´re just joking!….´´

20.03.03 Melbourne, Australia, middle of ´´Glory Days´´
´´Keep on going now….come on, Steve….we gotta keep rolling, baby….are you with me?….
(Steve: ´Yeah, baby´) are you with me all the way? (Steve: ´Yeah, baby´) I mean to the bitter end, baby? (Steve: ´Yeah, baby´) ´cause we got miles to go before we sleep (Steve: ´We do?´) yeah….is the band with me?….are the Aussies with me? (crowd cheers)….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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