Story 2003-06-08 Firenze, Italy

08.06.03 Florence, Italy, middle of ´Mary´s Place´
´´Are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready….are you ready….are you ready for a house party ? (cheers) are you ready for a house party ? (cheers) now, see…..some places we go….they´re not always completely ready for a house party….but I have to admit….that when we come to Italy….they´re always ready for house party….(?) to make sure we´ve got to get the asses out of the seats, gotta bring ´em up, that´s right, very good….because if you´re gonna have a house party….you´ve got to have three conditions….one, the music has got to be (Clarence: ‘Raucous´) raucous !….two, the music has got to be (Clarence: ‘Raucous´) raucous !….three, it helps to be in a house full of crazy Italians !….that´s all there is to it…. ´cause I want you to be ready because right now I´m gonna introduce to you the greatest little houseband in all the land…nobody better….and I wanna start with the far side of the stage, on the piano….illegitimate child of Jerry Lee Lewis and Liberace, Il Professore, Roy Bittan….(?) on the violin and vocals, out of New York City, we’ve got Sister Soozie Tyrell ….on the guitar, we got Silvio, Silvio Dante, keeper of all that is righteous on E Street, Little Steven Van Zandt….on the bass guitar, we’ve got the man that bring the thunder from down under night after night, the Tennesee Terror, Mr.Garry W.Tallent…back on the drums, we´ve got the man that bring the power hour after hour, night after night after night after night, Minister of the big beat, Secretary of syncopation and star of ´Late Night (crowd : ´Television´) Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, we’ve got Secretary of heart and spirit, one of the greatest guitarists in rock and roll, Brother Nils Lofgren…..on the organ and accordion, the man that acts as therapist for the whole band, Brother Dan Federici… the far side of the stage….when the moon hits your eye (chuckles) like a big (chuckles) what can I say ? on guitar and vocals and my little baby honey child, Miss Patti Scialfa.…woh ! thank you, baby….and last but not least….last but not least….Minister of soul….Emperor of all Italia….ladies and gentlemen, do I have to say his name ?….do I have to say his name ?…. do I have to say his name ?….Big Man Clarence Clemons….yes it is !….yes it is, darling !….I wanna tell you that that´s the heartstopping, pants-dropping, houserocking, ass-shaking, earthquaking, Viagra-taking, lovemaking, E Street Band….that´s right, yes it is !….´´

08.06.03 Florence, Italy, intro to ´Tougher Than the Rest´
´´Questa canzone e per Patti…..(?) nostro anniversaria….´´
(it was Bruce and Patti´s 12th wedding anniversary).

08.06.03 Florence, Italy, middle of ´Ramrod´
´´Come on, Steve….Stevie (Steve: ´Yeah ?´) are you with me, baby ? (Steve: ´Yeah, baby´) are you with me all the way ? (Steve: ´In the groove, baby´)….(Bruce speaks a few sentence in Italian)….I think it´s quitting time, Stevie….(Steve: ´I guess so, you´re talking in tongues´) I think it´s quitting time (Steve: ´Oh, say it ain´t so´) well, Stevie, if it ain´t quitting time….what time is it, Brother ?….(Steve: ´It´s the motherland, it´s Boss-time !´)….
(….) Mr. and Mrs.Italia, what time is it ? (crowd: ´Boss-time !´)….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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