Story 2003-08-06 Pittsburgh, PA

06.08.03 Pittsburgh, PA, intro to ´Empty Sky´
´´Evening, Pittsburgh….good evening to you…´s nice to be in Pittsburgh….in this brand-new ballpark….we´re gonna try and hit a home run for ya (chuckles) a grand slam, even…. thank you….I hope the summer´s been treating you well….I need a little bit of quiet for this next song….(?)….´´

06.08.03 Pittsburgh, PA, middle of ´Mary´s Place´
´´Are you ready….are you ready ?….are you ready ?…..are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?…..are you ready ?….are you ready for a house party ? (cheers) are you ready for a house party ? (cheers)….alright, Big Man, are they ready, are they ready for a house party ?…..are they ready ?….are they ready ? (Clarence: ´I´m not sure´) oh no, Big Man says he´s not sure….let´s check this out, Brother man….because….if you want to be ready for a house party, three….three conditions have to be met….number one, Son, the music has got to be (Clarence: ´Raucous´) raucous, yes it does….number two, everybody´s got to be feeling….alright….number three, you´ve got to get your (Clarence: ´Ass´) your ass out of your seat, baby….and number four….number four, you´ve got to have the greatest little houseband in the land at your service….that´s right….oh, that´s right ….I want to introduce you to the far side of the stage, the, I´m talking ´bout the pathological piano-pounder, the ineffectual intellectual, the man who´s the master of all 88 keys, Mr.Professor Roy Bittan….on the violin, out of New York City, Sister Soozie Tyrell….on the guitar, keeper of all that is righteous on E Street, star of ´The Sopranos´-television show, the coolest little dj in the U.S.A, Little Steven Van Zandt….on the bass, the man that bring the thunder from way down under, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, the man that brings the power hour after hour after hour, night after night, week after week, day after day, and star of ´Late Night (crowd: ´Television´) Mighty Max Weinberg….Minister of the big beat….and on the guitar, one of the greatest guitarists in rock and roll, Minister of spirit and heart, Brother Nils Lofgren…..on the organ and accordion, two-time winner of the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, he was flown all the way to Switzerland when he was just a little boy, I´m talking ´bout Phantom Dan Federici….to the far side of the stage, the First Lady of love, on guitar and vocals, my sweetie baby honey child, Miss Patti Scialfa….I need some sexual healing….I feel it coming on…..come on, baby….don´t worry, this works at home, folks….that´s my ´I´ve got to have it, I got to have it´….last but not least….last but not least….Minister of soul….Secretary of the brotherhood….ain´t nothing like him now, ain´t ever gonna be, you wish you could be like him but I´m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, you cannot because under the sun there´s only one Clarence Big Man Clemons….so, ladies and gentlemen, let me hear it for the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-shaking, booty-quaking, Viagra-taking, lovemaking, history-making, legendary E Street Band….did I mention ´legendary´ ?…. did I mention ´Viagra-taking ?´….oh yes….oh yes….(?)….´´

06.08.03 Pittsburgh, PA, intro to ´Blinded By the Light´
´´Woo ! (chuckles) oh, let me see, where was I ?….oh yeah, oh yeah…..´´

06.08.03 Pittsburgh, PA, middle of ´Glory Days´
´´Hey Joe *….I know it´s your hometown (?) I think it´s about quitting time….Steve…..I believe it is time to go home….(Steve: ´Joe don´t wanna go´) I believe it is quitting time…. this young man must be up for his tutorials tomorrow morning….(?)….but all I wanna know is….if it ain´t quitting time….what time is it ? (crowd: ´Boss-time´) what time ? (crowd: ´Boss-time´) what time ?….´´
[* Joe Grushecky and his son Johnny joined the band onstage]

06.08.03 Pittsburgh, PA, intro to ´My City of Ruins´
´´Thank you very much, I wanna thank everybody for coming out tonight….we appreciate your support, we appreciate the great support we´ve had here in Pittsburgh, it means a lot to us, thank you….we got a few friends in the hall, oh ! one more time for Joey and his son Johnny (?)(chuckles) they had the moves…..gonna do this tonight for some friends of ours, there´s some friends of ours here from Just Harvest, they´re, uh, they work (?) public policy…and to educate and mobilise the community for the elimination of hunger, folks from Just Harvest….and also folks from the Rainbow Kitchen….whom we´ve worked with for a long time, they´ve been working here in the community since 1984…. and, uh, they were founded in response to the devastating impact of the closing of the area´s steel mills, as you know displaced thousands of workers and annually the Rainbow Kitchen provides more than 18,000 meals to breakfast programs, kids´ cafes and annual assistance to the struggling citizens of Pennsylvania, Rainbow Kitchen and Just Harvest, you can see them on your way out….they´re out there on the frontlines….doing a good work, they can use your time or your support in any way, this is for them, this is called ´My City, My City of Ruins´….´´

06.08.03 Pittsburgh, PA, intro to ´Land of Hope and Dreams´
´´Thank you….once again I wanna thank everybody for coming out….this is where I….I
make my little public service announcement….(?) I got people come out to my show with all different kinds of political beliefs and I like that and we welcome all and, uh….there´s been a lot of questions raised recently about fortrightness of the government, this playing with the truth during the wartime has been a part of both Democratic and Republican administrations in the past, it´s always wrong, I lived through it once before myself….and, uh, it´s most dangerous when (?) when there are real lives, the lives of our sons and our daughters are at stake, I think the question of whether we were misled into the war in Iraq isn´t really a Liberal or a Consertive question or a Republican or a Democratic one but it´s an American one and protecting our democracy that we ask our sons and daughters to die for is our sacred trust as citizens….as is demanding accountability and the truth from our leaders, that´s the American way….I wanna send this out tonight hoping that the truth will out and for the safety and the safe return of our sons and daughters in Iraq and for the peace of the Iraqi people….this is ´Land of Hope and Dreams´….´´

06.08.03 Pittsburgh, PA, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´(?)…in a little cafe….on the other side of….the border….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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