Story 2003-09-14 Chapel Hill, NC

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ‘Empty Sky’
´´Thank you…..I thought the mosquitos in New Jersey were bad (chuckles) this is worse (chuckles) good evening, everybody, welcome, welcome, welcome…..I got a Saint Francis of the Assisi thing going up here, all the, uh…..all the natural life just seems to be attracted to me (chuckles) alright (chuckles)….go on, kid…..”

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ‘Waitin’On a Sunny Day’
´´(chuckles) See, Steve’s got…..what in the hell is this ? (holds up a cricket, apparently) what’s that ?!?….the school mascot ?….(laughs) oh man (?)….”

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, middle of ‘Mary’s Place´
´´Are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready….are you ready….are you ready for a house party ? (cheers) come on, C….are you ready for a rock and roll house party ? (cheers) are you ready for a rock and roll baptism ? (cheers) are you ready for a rock and roll bar mitzva ? (cheers) are you ready for a rock and roll exorcism, baby ? (cheers)….that´s right ….that’s right….I wanna introduce you to on our stage to the exorcisers, on the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….on the violin and vocals, Sister Soozie Tyrell….on the guitar, the coolest little dj in the U.S.A, Brother Steve Van Zandt….on the bass guitar, the Tennesee Terror, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, Minister of the big beat, Secretary of syncopation and star of ´Late Night (crowd : ´Television´) Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, Brother Nils Lofgren….on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici…..on guitar and vocals, the First Lady of love, Miss Patti Scialfa.…and last but not least….Minister of soul…. Secretary of the brotherhood….honorary emperor of North Carolina…you wish you could be like him but you can´t….because tonight there´s only one Big Man on campus, baby…. I’m talking about Big Man Clarence Clemons on the saxophone….now, I want you to put your hands together for the heartstopping, pants-dropping, houserocking, earth-shaking, booty-quaking, Viagra-taking, lovemaking, history-making, exorcising, death-defying, sexifying, legendary E Street Band….did I mention that they were Viagra-taking, history-making sexifiers ?….that´s right…..”

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ‘Cadillac Ranch’
´´I think all of the bugs have gone to sleep now, I don´t know (chuckles) come on, Max ….oh, something for Carolina (?)….”

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, middle of ‘Glory Days’
´´We gotta keep on rocking, buddy….we gotta keep on going….but I think we gotta go home now, buddy….oh yeah, we gotta go….we gotta go, Steve…..oh, Steve….Steve…. (Steve: ‘Yeah ?’) oh, Steve….(Steve: ‘Say it ain´t so’) a big mosquito bit me in the ass…. come on, Steve….”

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ‘My City of Ruins’
´´Oh….I wanna thank everybody for coming out to the show here tonight….to the University of North Carolina’s….but what was that big bug I had, man, what was (chuckles) damn !…. but uh….I wanna do this tonight for some friends of ours that are in the hall, we have the Foodbank of North Carolina’s here….and they, uh…..they serve 34 counties here in North Carolina, almost half of the folks that are struggling out there hungry are children…..they´ve been around since 1980, they’re good folks out there on the frontlines fighting the good fight, they could use your time or your support in any way….if you see the Foodbank of North Carolina on your way out tonight, please…..stop and give ‘em a hand….”

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ‘Born in the U.S.A’
´´Thank you….thanks, I also wanted to mention a few other friends of ours that are in the…. in the house tonight, there’s the People of Faith Againts the Death Penalty, they´re out there ….please, if you get a chance, stop by and see what the have to say (?) important issue…. and we also have a….September 11th Families For A Peaceful Tomorrow….they´re also out there in the hall so….if you get a chance, stop and check them out too….we get, uh, people of all different kinds of political beliefs who come out to our show and we like that and we welcome everybody, uh, with the exception of Dick Cheney, I believe and uh (chuckles) but uh (chuckles) but uh, there´s a….been a lot of questions raised recently about the forthrightness of the government and I just wanna say that playing with the truth during wartime has been a part of Democratic and Republican administrations in the past, it´s always wrong, especially when the lives of our sons and our daughters are on the line…..I think the question of whether we were misled into war in Iraq’s not really a Liberal or a Conservative question, it´s an American one, as is protecting the democracy that we ask our sons and daughters to go and die for, that´s our sacred trust, as is demanding accountability and the truth from our leaders, that´s our job as citizens….so….may the truth will out….. and uh….that whole thing, said a little funnier is pick up Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (chuckles)….”

14.09.03 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ‘Rosalita’
´´Got a little summertime specialty….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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