Story 2003-09-18 Hartford, CT

18.09.03 Hartford, CT, intro to ‘Empty Sky’
´´Good evening….alright….looks like we got another beautiful night… we´ll do it again twice….”

18.09.03 Hartford, CT, intro to ´Factory´
´´Alright, here´s one we haven´t played on this tour yet….”

18.09.03 Hartford, CT, middle of ‘Mary’s Place´
´´Are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready….are you ready….are you ready for a rock and roll house party ? (cheers)….are you ready for a rock and roll resurrection ? (cheers) are you ready for a rock and roll baptism ? (cheers) are you ready for a rock and roll bar mitzvah ? (cheers) are you ready for a rock and roll hurricane, baby ? (cheers)….I wanna introduce you on our stage tonight….at the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….on the violin and vocals, Sister Soozie Tyrell….on the guitar, the coolest little dj in the U.S.A, star of ´The Sopranos´-television show, Brother Steve Van Zandt….on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, the man that bring the power hour after hour, night after night, day after day, week after week, year after year, Minister of the big beat, Secretary of syncopation and star of ´Late Night (crowd : ´Television´) Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, one of the greatest guitarists in rock and roll, Brother Nils Lofgren….on the organ and accordion, man of mystery, Phantom Dan Federici… the far side of the stage, First Lady of love and my sweetie baby honey child, my personal savior, Miss Patti Scialfa on guitar and vocals.…kisses on you, baby….and last but not least….last but not least….Emperor of the universe….Minister of soul…. Secretary of the brotherhood….a man who just this afternoon threw Richard Pearl´s ass right out of his hotelroom…and he´d be whipping his ass in a debate right now if he was invited….I´m talking about, it´s time to impeach the President and put in Clarence Big Man Clemons….damn straight !….no, no, no, no, I want you to put your hands together for the heartstopping, brain-shocking, house-rocking, pants-dropping, earth-shaking, booty-quaking, Viagra-taking, lovemaking, legendary E Street Band….death-defying, sexifying, exorcising, let´s hear it once more for the legendary brain shockers, the E Street Band….that´s right…..”

18.09.03 Hartford, CT, intro to ´I´m Goin´ Down´
´´Here´s one we don´t play much….”

18.09.03 Hartford, CT, intro to ‘My City of Ruins’
´´Thank you….I wanna thank you for two beautiful nights here in Hartford, thank you very much….thanks for coming out and seeing us….we appreciate your support…after tonight we´ve only got seven nights to rock, ladies and gentlemen (chuckles)….I wanna do this for some friends of ours, the folks from the Hartford Food System here…..Hartford Food System is here in Hartford assisting Connecticut´s struggling citizens….Hartford area´s oldest non-profit food organization, they work for responsible government policies to reduce hunger…. improve nutritional quality of food, protect farming and farmland, if you get a chance, please help the folks at the Hartford Food System, they´ll be out there on your way out, give ´em a little support and your time….and also the folks from the Immaculate Conception Shelter and Housing Corporation….(?)….in addition to providing meals and a place to stay, they have dedicated volunteers who go out and find the men where they´re living, in abandoned building, under bridges, they bring clothes, blankets, medical care, if you see the folks from the Immaculate Conception Shelter, they´re out there on the frontlines, doing a good work, please give them a hand, this is for them….”

18.09.03 Hartford, CT, intro to ´Land of Hope and Dreams´
´´I wanna thank everybody for coming out once again, thank you very much…..lot of fun, lot of fun…..two beautiful nights, thank you….and uh….we got people of all different kinds of political beliefs who come out to our show and I like that, we welcome everybody….uh, there´s, uh, this is where I get to make my little public service announcement, there´s been a lot of questions raised recently about the forthrightness of our government and I think it´s time when we all need to be very, very vigilant, playing with the truth during wartime has been part of both Democratic and Republican administrations in the past and it´s always wrong, especially when the lives of our sons and our daughters are on the line….I think the question of whether we were misled to the war in Iraq’s not really a Liberal or a Conservative one or a Republican or a Democratic question, it´s an American question and protecting the democracy that we ask our sons and our daughters to die for is our sacred trust, as is demanding the truth and accountability from our leaders, that´s our job as citizens so….may the truth will out… wanna see that said a lot funnier, you pick up Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (chuckles) this is ´Land of Hope and Dreams´….”

18.09.03 Hartford, CT, intro to ‘Rosalita’
´´Little end-of-the-summer treat for you….wherever you are….come on out tonight.…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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