Story 2003-10-04 New York City, NY

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´Empty Sky´
´´Alright, good evening….welcome, welcome to Shea on this, it stopped raining, though (chuckles) hope it stays off….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ‘Waitin’ On a Sunny Day’
´´Alright, welcome to the last dance….I’m getting a little misty right about now….Steve, cheer me up, will you ?….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, middle of ´Mary’s Place’
´´Are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready….are you ready….are you ready for a house party ? (cheers) are you ready for a Jersey house party by way of Long Island, New York City, Queens (?) ? (cheers)….alright I wanna introduce on our stage, Professor Roy Bittan on the piano….Sister Soozie Tyrell on the violin and vocals….the hardest working man in stage and screen, the coolest little dj in the U.S.A, that Little Steven Van Zandt….on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, the man that bring the power hour after hour, night after night, week after week, year after year, Minister of the big beat, Secretary of syncopation and star of ´Late Night (crowd : ´Television´) Mighty Max Weinberg….on the guitar, one of the greatest guitarists in rock and roll, Brother Nils Lofgren….on the organ, Minister of mystery on E Street, Brother Dan Federici… the far side of the stage, the First Lady of love, natural Viagra, my sweetie baby honey child, on the guitar and vocals, Miss Patti Scialfa.….kisses on you, baby…I’m coming home….and last but not least…. last but not least…. last but not least…. last but not least…. last but not least….ladies and gentlemen, let’s put him in the White House in 2004, I’m talking about Clarence Big Man Clemons….you the man, you, you, you, you….I want you to put your hands together, your arms together, your asses together for the houserocking, pants-dropping, brain-shocking, earthquaking, booty-shaking, Viagra-taking, lovemaking, sexifying, electrifying, women shrieking, grown men crying, legendary E Street Band….give it up for (?)…did I mention electrifying pants-droppers ?….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´Back in Your Arms´
´´Girls, I wanna know has there ever been a moment when your man has taken you for granted (some cheers) it’s not so bad (chuckles)….sometimes on that Saturday or Sunday afternoon he maybe wants to watch that football….but you´ve got something else in mind…. or he may wanna stay up and watch Late Night (crowd : ´Television´) that´s right (chuckles) instead of attending to his….business…..well, now, girls, this goes for you too….´cause sometimes you can not appreciate everything that your man is doing for you….not very often but maybe once in a while (chuckles)….oh, that´s right….and I’m guilty, baby….I’m talking about myself too….let this be a cautionary tale….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´Highway 61 Revisited´
´´Yeah….we have my great friend and inspiration with us tonight, Mr.Bob Dylan….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´My City of Ruins´
´´(Bob Dylan leaves the stage) I wouldn’t be here tonight without him….(long pause)….I just wanna take a second and uh, thank everybody for coming out tonight, thank you very much….and I wanna thank all the fans for supporting our tour and coming out to see us over the past year….we gotta thank Jon Landau, George Travis, Miss Barbara Carr….(?) out there doing the sound, Chris on the video….man, we got a, we got a fabulous crew, please do me a favor and give them a tremendous round of applause, all the folks that put this show on with us night after night….we, uh…..the past four or five years have been some of the most fun and uh, exciting times, I think, of, of my life and I just wanna say thanks for sharing them with us so….this is for our friends tonight from The Coalition for the Homeless, tonight in New York City 39,000 people gonna sleep in shelters, including 17,000 children….The Coalition for the Homeless, they offer (?) soup kitchen, crisis intervention services, job training and other programs aimed at ending homelessness in New York City, if you see them on your way out, please check out and support The Coalition for the Homeless, this is for them….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´Land of Hope and Dreams´
´´Thank you, my friends, thank you….it was, uh….it was Bob’s work that when I was, when I was first trying to write songs that….at a particular time in our country´s history….he was one of those fellas who came along and has been willing to stand in the fire.…and uh….I remember when I was growing up in my little town, he just made me think big thoughts, you know, he, his music really empowered me and uh, got me thinking about the world….outside of my own little town….and uh….I don't know if great men make history or if history makes great men but for me Bob, Bob's one of the greatest….now and forever….so I’m gonna, uh, dedicate this one to him tonight, I wanna thank him for gracing my stage.…and for being such an inspiration….and uh, when I wrote this one, I was trying my best to follow along in his….in his footsteps….it’s a time right now in our country when….there’s a lot of questions
in the air about the forthrightness of our government, playing with the truth during wartime has been a part of both Democratic and Republican administrations in the past…and uh, once again the lives of our sons and our daughters are on the line….so it’s a good time to be ….good vigilant citizens and uh….protecting the democracy we ask our sons and our daughters to die for is our sacred trust….demanding accountability from our leaders…and taking our time to search out the truth….that´s the American way….and I learned that from Bob Dylan, this is ´Land of Hope and Dreams´….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´Rosalita´
´´Alright, let’s have a party….the night was young, the moon was yellow…and the leaves came tumbling down….Rosie, I’m home !….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, end of ´Dancing in the Dark´
´´Mr.Jon Landau, Willie Nile….come on, Bonds…. Bonds down there ?….where is he ?…. anybody seen Bonds ?….Bonds is pissing, according to the guys under the stage….we´ve got Garland Jeffreys…..oh, here he comes…..I told ´em what I learned from Bob, I don´t wanna tell ´em what I learned from you (chuckles)….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´Quarter to Three´
´´Alright, key of ´C´….background singers, where is Mrs.Bonds ?…Mrs.Bonds ! (chuckles) we’re gonna have it all figured out in a minute….(?) come on up, kids, get us another mike ….oh, ladies and gentlemen, it ain´t been done in a long time (chuckles) but this is the man that did it….get up, everybody, let’s do it….”

04.10.03 Flushing, NY, intro to ´Twist and Shout´
´´Alright, we got one more for you…start kissing my woman, Bonds, stick around, we’re gonna do another one, Bonds…..stay up, stay up, yeah, we’re gonna do another one…(?)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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