Story 2004-10-01 Philadelphia, PA

01.10.04 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´´Lost in the Flood´´
´´Good evening….thanks for coming out and supporting ´Vote for Change´….Michael was asking if everybody saw the debates last night….they were looking good, we´re on a roll now…alright….´´

01.10.04 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´´Centerfield´´
´´Thanks, one of the, uh….one of the thrills of doing this is getting a chance to play at these bills with these other great bands, I wanna give a thank-you to R.E.M….thank you to Bright Eyes…you should check his record out, he´s got a great, great record….now it´s a real pleasure to bring out somebody I´ve been a big, big fan of for a long, long time….somebody who influenced my work….one of America´s great, great singer-songwriters, Mr.John Fogerty….´´

01.10.04 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´´The Promised Land´´
´´John Fogerty !….I´ll make him do one of mine now….´´

01.10.04 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´´Because the Night´´
´´One of the things that, uh….really, uh, jumpstarted, jumpstarted this concert was, uh (?) I talked to Michael Stipe and the fellas from R.E.M and they said they´d come out with us so I wanna bring Michael up (?)….´´

01.10.04 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´´Mary´s Place´´
´´Good evening, ladies and gentlemen….I´m so glad to be here in your beautiful city tonight ….are you having fun ? (cheers) that´s good, but of course tonight, tonight we´re here with a purpose….we´re here for a reason….the mighty E Street Band is rising up and we´re gonna take you down to that river of change and we´re gonna help you cross over to the other side ….are you ready ? (cheers) I´m glad, I wanna call for (?) I wanna bring forth if you´re swinging, if you´re swaying, if you´re switching, if you´re swooping, if you just can´t make up your mind….or anybody wearing a bowtie….to come forth and be saved, it´s not too late ….oh, I think we´ve got one….say ´Halleburton´ three times real fast….what do you think, Sir ? (someone: ´I´m switching!´) oh, we got one !…are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?…are you ready ?…I think that was my brother-in-law….´´

01.10.04 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´´Born to Run´´
´´Gonna bring up Mike Mills and Peter Buck from R.E.M to play with us on this one, come on up, guys !….there´ll be two might basses on this one….thank you, thank you, now the moment you´ve all been waiting for: my public service announcement (chuckles) woo !… first I want to, uh, thank everybody for coming out tonight and showing your support…. thank you so much….the money we raised tonight will go directly into mobilising voters, voter-education, getting people to the polls and bringing out the progressive vote on November 2nd….we remain a, we remain a land of great promise but, uh….it´s time we need to move America towards the fulfilment of its promises that she´s made to her citizens…. economic justice, civil rights, protection of the environment….respect for others and humility in exercising our power at home and around the world….these core issues of American identity….are what´s at stake on November 2nd….I believe that Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards understand these important issues and I think they could (?) our country move forward….America is not always right - that´s a fairytale that you tell your children at night before they go to sleep, but America is always true and it´s in seeking these truths that we find a deeper patriotism, don´t settle for anything less….so we got some work to do between now and election day, if you share our concerns, find the best way to express yourself, roll up your sleeves and get out there and do something and remember, the country we carry in our hearts is waiting….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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