Story 2004-10-05 Saint Paul, MN

05.10.04 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Souls of the Departed´´
´´What I wanna know is are there any Canadians for Kerry in the house?….I thought I saw one here earlier….(Neil Young walks onto the stage)….´´

05.10.04 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Johnny 99´´
´´Neil Young!….that was fun!….oh yes….wo!….(chuckles) an important Canadian for Kerry right there (chuckles) pretty good (chuckles) oh! I wanna correct myself from earlier, I said October 13th was your last chance to register now, registeration date (?) is October 12th, I know in this state you can register up to the day of election but they say it´s a big hassle, get in there and try and register early, get your friends too and come out and vote….there´s folks from America Coming Together out there, all the money that we dig up tonight is gonna go to them and they´re gonna send footsoldiers out across the nation, coming up the progressive votes on November 2nd, they can use volunteers….I believe I´m correct to say that if you haven´t registered, I believe you can register tonight, here tonight, you find some folks from America Coming Together (?) so please do so….alright, kids…..´´

05.10.04 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Centerfield´´ (following ´´Johnny 99´´)
´´Soozie Tyrell on the fiddle….Danny Federici on the accordion….Nils Lofgren on the slide ….Professor Roy Bittan on the piano….Garry Tallent on the standup bass….I wanna bring out now somebody who´s for a long, long time been one of my very favorite musicians and artists, one of the, he´s one of America´s greatest, greatest songwriters, I always thought that he was our generation´s Hank Williams (chuckles)….I´m proud to have on our stage, Mr. John Fogerty….(Fogerty: ´´I got a final score for you: Minnesota Twins 2, Yankees nothing!´´)….´´

05.10.04 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´The Promised Land´´ (following ´´Fortunate Son´´)
´´John Fogerty! (Fogerty: ´´Thank you!´´)(?)….(chuckles)(?)….alright, he borrows my band, he´s gotta sing one of my songs so here we go (chuckles)….´´

05.10.04 Saint Paul, MN, middle of ´´Mary´s Place´´
´´I´m so glad to be here in the beautiful Twin Cities tonight….did I hear Twins 2, Yankees 0? (cheers)….are you having fun tonight ? (cheers) I´m glad, but of course we´re here tonight with a purpose…..we´re here tonight on a mission….the mighty E Street Band has risen up and has come tonight to get you down to the river of change and to help you to cross over to the other side….that´s right!….I wanna leave here tonight washed in the waters of democracy ….that´s why I wanna call up to anybody here in Minnesota tonight if you´re swinging, if you´re swooping, if you´re switching, if you´re swaying, if you´re sweeping or if you just can´t make up your mind….or if you´re wearing a bowtie, I want you to come up right now, it´s not too late to be saved (a bald man comes onstage wearing a bowtie and Bruce puts his hand on top of the guy´s head) step over, son, everybody, I need help, I need help, I need everybody to say ´Haliburton´ five times real fast (crowd: ´Haliburton, Haliburton, Haliburton, Haliburton, Haliburton´) let the healing begin (Bruce takes his hand away and hands the man a sign that says ´Bush must go!´ and then the man heads backstage)….are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?…are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?….´´

05.10.04 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Born to Run´´
´´That´s right, that´s right!….wo! Mike Mills, Peter Buck, come on up here and play one with us….from R.E.M, Mike Mills, Peter Buck….we learned this next song´s got a whole lot of damn chords in it (chuckles) oh, I wanna thank everybody once again for coming out tonight, thank you for showing your support….thank you for raising your voice for change…. remember, registration, don´t wait till the last minute, get in there and register now!…. America Coming Together can help you register tonight….wo! gotta get out that progressive vote….well, we remain a land, we remain a land of great promise but we need to move America towards the fulfilment of the promises that she´s made to her citizens….that´s economic justice, civil rights….protection of the environment, respect for others and humility in exercising our power at home and around the world….these are not impossible ideals, they are achievable goals with a strong leadership and the will of vigilant and and informed American people….these core issues of American identity are at stake on November 2nd…. and I believe that Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards understand these important issues and are prepared to help our country move forward….America, America is not always right - that is a fairytale for children - but America is always true and in seeking these truths, her truths, both the good and the bad, that´s where we find a deeper patriotism and we find a more authentic experience as citizens, that is how our soul as a nation and as a people is revealed and that is what we are fighting for on November the 2nd….so we got some work to do so roll up your sleeves between now and election day!….I wanna be washed in the waters of democracy!….do anything you can do, volunteer, get out there and vote and remember, the country we carry in our hearts is waiting, alright….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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