Story 2004-10-08 Orlando, FL

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´My Hometown´´
´´Good evening….(?) everybody´s alright, we were worried about you up north with all that weather you´ve been having down here….we sent our prayers out, hoping you and all your loved ones are safe….Tracy….come sing with me, darling….´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Johnny 99´´ (following ´´My Hometown´´)
´´Tracy Chapman !…it´s nice to hear somebody that can really sing sing the songs….this is gonna sound a little crazy but I´ve got something in my shoe….one second, kids….something in there somewhere….I always bring a spare….(?)….I get crazy, baby….now I can rock !…´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Centerfield´´
´´Wanna bring up right now somebody whose music I´ve learned from, that´s influenced me tremendously….who I once heard described as the Hank Williams of my generation, I think that´s a pretty, that´s a pretty accurate description (?) loved his music for a long time, one of the great, great American songwriters and masters of the American folk music, Mr.John Fogerty…´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Dejavu´´
´´(John Fogerty: ´´Now I wanna tell you all something, we´ve been out (?) we´ve been out here for a few days doing this, I want you to know this is a great family of people up here, beautiful people, I really mean it….and this guy, come here, come here….this is a good guy, I´m telling you)….I´ll give you that 20 bucks that I owe you…..(J.Fogerty: (?) I don´t have a cellphone (?) I have a brand-new record out, it´s just come out a few days ago and, uh, this song is on that record, it´s called ´Dejavu´ and I sing this song for families)….´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´The Promised Land´´
´´(?) I´ve been singing his songs for a long time, I´m gonna get him to one of mine now….´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Because the Night´´
´´Thank you….this is kind of our last night as a little unit, we´ve traveled the past week and a half that, uh….it´s been exciting and, uh, a great time….such a pleasure working with R.E.M (?) they´ve been just….great to us (?) I wanna bring out Michael Stipe, come on up and sing one with us….´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, MI, middle of ´´Mary´s Place´´
´´Good evening, ladies and gentlemen…I´m so glad to be here in your beautiful city tonight…. and I´m glad to be here in the Sunshine State….or as I like to call it, ´The scene of the crime´….that happens again, I´m going to Disneyland !….you´re gonna find me inside one of those Mickey Mouse-suits….well, are you having fun tonight ? (cheers) I´m glad, but we´re here tonight, we´re here tonight on a mission….we´re here tonight with a purpose….the mighty E Street Band has risen up to take you down to the river of change and to help you to cross over to the other side….I wanna be washed in the waters of democracy….that´s right, and so if we got anybody out there that´s a-twisting, that´s leaning, that´s swinging, that´s swaying, that´s switching, that´s swinging, that´s swooping or if you just can´t make up your mind….if you´re wearing a bowtie, or if you wanna be, even temporarily, released from the burdens of Republicanism, step forward, my friend….ladies and gentlemen, we need your help right now, close your eyes, son, I need everybody to think hard to say ´Halleburton´ three times real fast (crowd: ´Halleburton, Halleburton, Halleburton´) let the healing begin…it always works, it always works….are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?…are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready ?….are you ready? ….´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Born to Run´´
´´Yeah….we, uh….we tease our Republican friends but we love ´em (chuckles) I wanna bring up Mike Mills and Peter Buck to play one with us, come on up, guys….I wanna remind everybody of course, please, please vote….make sure your friends are voting, make sure your girlriends are voting….ACT is here, America Coming Together is here in the building tonight, they need volunteers, they´re the folks we´re gonna try and raise the money for to get people out on the street, going door to door, knocking on doors, trying to get out the progressive vote on November 2nd here in Florida and across the nation….please check out the folks in the ACT-t-shirts….and volunteer….they are (crowd: ´Kerry´) out there (people chant ´Kerry´) get out there and do something, alright….we remain, we remain (?) I take my two minutes, everybody´s favorite part of the night, the public service announcement….but, uh….we remain a land of great promise….but we need to move America towards the fulfilment of the promises that she´s made to her citizens….economic justice, civil rights, living wage, so important, there´s so many people working that can´t make ends meet…. protection of the environment….respect for others and humility in exercising our power at home and around the world….these are not….these are not impossible ideals, they are attainable, achievable goals with a strong leadership and the will and the vision of an informed American people….these are core issues….of American identity, who we are, what we stand for, what we want to be about, these are the things that are at stake on November 2nd….and I believe that Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards, I believe they understand these important issues and I believe that they are prepared to help….our country move forward…. America is not….America is not always right - that is a fairytale for children, but America is always true and it´s in seeking her truths, both the good and the bad, that we find a deeper patriotism, we find a more authentic experience as citizens, that´s how our soul as a nation and as a people is revealed, that is what we are fighting for on November 2nd….so please get out there and volunteer with ACT, we got some work to do now, between now and election day so if you share our concerns, find the best way to express yourself, roll up your sleeves and let´s get to work, remember, the country we carry in our hearts is waiting….´´

08.10.04 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´People Have the Power´´
´´Send some prayers out to all Florida troops serving in Iraq and Afganistan….we pray for their safety and we want them home soon….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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