Story 2005-04-28 Grand Prairie, TX

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Long Time Comin´”
“Thank you, thanks a lot, it´s good to be back in Texas….woo!…yes….(?) a lot of, uh, new songs I´m gonna play tonight so I´m gonna try and give you a little bit information on them….and, uh, this was a song I wrote a quite a while back, I guess, uh….three or four years after we had our, our kids and, you know, you, you know, the first baby comes and, you know, it´s ´Oh, Jesus has been born,´ you know, the whole thing is….the whole thing is like there´s never been another baby born, you know, ´This is, this is the one, the other ones were like practise, you know, this is´ (chuckles) so you get….then about 14 years later, you know, Jesus thinks you´re an idiot, that´s the problem (chuckles) a tolerable, a tolerable idiot but still (chuckles) but uh….but you do get a shot at some second chances, you know, you´re filled with all the, uh, spirit of, you know, correcting, you know, where your parents screwed you up, you know, and, uh, I always say it´s, it´s sort of bad enough when I see my kid acting like me, you know, but if I see him acting like my dad, that´s really trouble (chuckles) it´s like, that´s when you know you´re really screwed up, you know, but, uh, we sort of honor our parents by, uh, keeping the good things they handed down to us and sort of laying aside the rest and that´s kind of what this song is about, I guess, this is, uh (cheers) of course that´s not what I tell my mom (chuckles) but uh….this is, uh….´Long Time Comin´…..”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Silver Palomino”
“Thank you, just a….this is a song I wrote for….my wife had a bestfriend who passed away at a very young age in her early 30´s and she left two boys, uh, only six, three and six years old behind and, uh….she was kind of over at our house every night, a close friend….I always figured I wanted to write a song for, for her sons and uh….I was trying to find, find a way to do it and I came up with this story, a young boy loses his mom and uh….(?) her spirit in this horse that comes out of the mountains at night, this is called ´Silver Palomino´….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “For You”
“Thank you….I didn´t write, woh….I didn´t write love songs for a long time because, uh, I couldn´t quite figure it out, you know, and, uh, I think I was scarred when I was very young by one morning I was at the kitchen table and my mother always had the radio on and, uh (?) the radio at the time was filled with these beautiful doowop 50´s love songs, every, everything was about love, love, love and, uh, ecstasy, ´There´s only one girl, there´s only you, (?) you are my dream, you are my ecstasy´ and my mother was there and she´s ´Oh, oh, that´s lovely,´ you know, and I remember my dad sitting there, you know, all kind of hunched up and going ´Bruce….love songs are a government conspiracy (chuckles) their sole and only purpose is to get you married so you´ll have to pay taxes´ (chuckles) so, uh, I remembered those words of wisdom that my, that my dad passed on to me and, uh (chuckles) well, it only took me about 40 years to sort the whole thing out so it was, uh (chuckles) so, uh, but, anyway, I actually did write love songs, they say I never wrote love songs on my early records but I actually did but I hid them, I, I hid them, I hid them sort of inside of things and, and this is probably one of the best ones I, I ever wrote and it´s not that hidden but it´s a little bit hidden (chuckles)….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Two Faces”
“Thank you….thanks, this is, uh….about, uh, oh, 15 years later I wrote another one, it was incredible (chuckles) no, I, uh….this is from a record where I, uh….I worked on it (chuckles) alright, I haven´t tried this one before, we´ll see how we do….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Part Man Part Monkey”
“Evolution….the President says the jury´s still out….that´s right, evolution is in doubt ….in the White House….they´re just not sure about it….it´s, it´s a very iffy, iffy kind of thing….screw Miss Lucy….and the old (?)….if six days ain´t enough time for you and football on Sunday….fuck you, Elvis and the dinosaur (?)(chuckles)….
(….) Bubbles, where are you when we need you?….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Galveston Bay”
“Alright….(a guitar sound) incredible, I make sounds just standing here (chuckles) the man is filled with music (chuckles)….(people yell “Bruce”) thank you, my fans, thank you…..(?)….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Maria´s Bed”
“This is, uh….this is a love, this is a love song, a happy love song….that´s right, I can write ´em (chuckles)….I can sing ´em too, here we go (chuckles) I had a, there should be a band on this one so, uh, I´m gonna see what I can do….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Reno”
“Oh, this is, oh….this is a song (?) if there´s any little kids here, it might be a nice time to check out some of those fine t-shirts we have out there (chuckles)….some very nice merchandise for those little kiddies (chuckles) this is a, uh….this is a love song, it´s also about not being able to handle the real thing….so you, uh….settle for something else….that doesn´t work out that good either (chuckles)…this is called ´Reno´….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Real World”
“Alright, I´m gonna play it for, uh, this gentleman down here who just shouted this out (?) ´Real World´….you, you, you asked for it (chuckles) let´s see what we got here (someone yells) hold, hold out there, I said he asked for it (chuckles) let´s see what I can do…what key was I in on this thing? (tries out chords) yeah….that´s it, that´s it….alright, a love song….we´ll see how it goes…..”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Jesus Was an Only Son”
“Thank you, wrote, uh….I, uh, wrote a lot of songs about mothers and sons on this new record which I haven´t done in the past too much, not sure why I did it now…. this was a, uh, song where, uh, I kind of took a look at, at Jesus as the son of Mary, I was interested in, uh….what that….I was interested in sort of a little bit from Mary´s perspective and uh….let me just sing it, I can´t explain this one (chuckles) sometimes I can, this is called ´Jesus Was an Only Son´….
(….) at his mother´s feet….I think one of the first things that you, that strikes you when you have….the kids is….how your desire to protect them from anything that might bring them harm….which, of course, you can´t do but….
(….) the cup of death from his lips….I always figured that….if you´re Jesus, you gotta be thinking ´Gee, the weather is pretty nice in Galilee this time of year…there was that little bar….I could manage the place, Mary Magdalene could tend bar and we could have some kids….uh….do the preaching on the weekend´….I always thought it was the humaness of the choice that He made that was….what made it mean something….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Leah”
“This is a, uh…..(chuckles) this is a, this is a song, song, uh, about kind of reaching that spot, we both sort of carry around….you know, our desire to destroy with our desire to create something and this is sort of about a guy who gets to a place where he´s just started to figure it out, just kind of tipped the odds in his favor….uh, this is called ´Leah´….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “The Hitter”
“Thank you, this is a….song, uh….I tend to like, like to write songs about people whose souls are at risk and uh…..probably goes back to, uh….could´ve been back to being told that every day for 8 years as a child (chuckles) at school, those things tend to stick with you, you know what I mean, they just (chuckles) but, uh, I later on found out that writing about it momentarily put, put my own soul at ease and so I…. gravitated towards those kinds of characters….this is a song about a young guy who gets in trouble and has to leave his home at a young age, he goes to New Orleans and ends up as a fighter and, uh, becomes quite a champion but shorts himself, shorts himself bad in the end and the whole song is kind of a, is a conversation that he has with his mother, towards the end of his life he comes back home and has this conversation with his mother through a locked door, this is called ´The Hitter´….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Matamoros Banks”
“Thank you, I, uh, wrote this song, oh, uh, about ten years ago, I guess, I wrote it….on the Tom Joad-tour, uh, kind of as a sequel to ´Across the Border´ and uh….which is a song I used to end the set with on the Tom Joad-tour and this song serves….a man makes the same journey and is fuelled by the same hopes and the love for his partner, his family, his children, he´s looking for something a little bit better….and so many people die in the rivers and die in the deserts and die in the mountains just trying to get into the United States that we´re sorely in need of a, of a humane immigration policy….so, uh, I talked to Jimmy LaFave and he told me that the river´s dried up down there right now but, uh….I guess it was flowing ten years ago….but this is, uh ….I kind of, I wrote this song backwards, from the, uh, from the body in the river to the journey across the desert to the man standing on the banks ´cross from Brownsville, this is called ´Matamoros Banks´….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Oklahoma Hills”
“Thank you….thank you, all of us songwriters, uh, owe a debt to, uh, Woody Guthrie, of course, and I´m gonna bring a friend of mine out to help me through one of Woody´s songs, Jimmy LaFave, come on out, Jim….”

28.04.05 Dallas, TX, intro to “Waitin´ On a Sunny Day”
“Jimmy LaFave!…..alright….(?) some friends of ours tonight from the North Texas Foodbank….out there in the hall (?) North Texas Foodbank (?) eliminate hunger, they distribute food and grocery products through a whole network of non-profit organizations, they provide education in increasing community awareness on the issues of hunger, they´re here in North Texas to do, doing a, uh….on the frontlines working with the struggling citizens of Texas, they deserve your support and help, if you see them out there tonight, please tip your hat and give ´em a hand…..alright, I´m gonna cue you, I´m gonna cue you when to come in on this one (?) see what kind of discipline (?) have discipline out there (chuckles) alright….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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