Story 2005-10-09 Uniondale, NY

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´Lonesome Day´´
´´Good evening, everybody….how are we on Long Island? (chuckles) (crowd cheers) Long Island is a soul, soul brother and sister to New Jersey (chuckles) if you scratch a New Jerseyan, there´s a Long Islander underneath and if you scratch a Long Islander, there´s a New Jerseyan waiting somewhere (chuckles) it´s just, it´s the other side of the same tragic coin, you see (chuckles)….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´Back in Your Arms´´
´´Thank you very much, thanks, uh….I always, always have to put a little disclaimer, I gotta put a disclaimer on that last song because that last verse should actually, uh, say ´I´m not gonna fuck it up too bad this time,´ that´s, uh, I couldn´t fit all those, I couldn´t fit all those words in that line or, or I would´ve put that in there but it should be ´I´m not gonna fuck it up too bad this time´….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´Ain´t Got You´´
´´Thank you….thank you….I meet many fans, I meet many fans….I meet many fans, I meet many fans and they come up to me on the street very often….and, uh, they always ask the same, the same question all the time….´Do you have any change, Sir?´….that´s my joke, that´s my, that´s my (chuckles) they actually ask, they actually ask a much similar question, they ask ´What is it like to be the Boss?´ and uh….yes, I, and I usually I, I feed them some, uh, uh, line of humble bullshit that works quite well….that´s, that´s got me all the way here and I´m sticking with it so uh….but, uh, the real, the real answer would be, uh, ´Fabulous beyond your wildest dreams´….I don´t wanna, I don´t wanna say that because, uh, it feels like you´re, uh, it feels not, not (?) a little immodest, of course, but, uh, like you´re lording it over people and I, I rather do that in private if I could, you see, so it´s like (chuckles) oh, but I, but I did write about it….once (chuckles)….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´Highway Patrolman´´
´´Thank you….just changing the setlist (chuckles) I´ll be with you in a minute….oh yeah (chuckles)….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´Jesus Was an Only Son´´
´´Thanks a lot….yes…I was, uh, I was brought up Catholic, uh, in this little town, had, had about, we had six houses on this one street and in the middle of these six houses, there was my, there was my cousin with my aunt, my aunt and my other two cousins, was my great-grandmother, uh, my grandmother´s house that I lived in with my parents, across the street was my mother´s mother and her sister and two cousins, that was the, uh, the lone Italian side and uh, and in the middle was the church and the rectory and the convent so I saw every wedding and funeral in town for, uh, uh, throughout my entire childhood and I was (?) the imagery of Catholicism, if school wasn´t bad enough, I, I got, I went home and we lived under the shadow of that big steeple all the time with my mother running me up the street to catch every wedding, we would pick up the rice, back when you could throw rice, those were the days, baby, and uh (chuckles) whatever happened to the world where you could throw rice? that´s, that´s the one I wanna live in….uh, and, uh, so (chuckles)(?) and we would gather it all up in bags and we would save it for the next wedding and go down and throw it again….and we didn´t know anybody who was getting married but, but we just wanted to throw rice and my mother wanted to look at the dresses so, uh (chuckles) but, anyway, I was writing about parents and kids and, and every good Irish-Italian rocker knows that the first frontman (?) before Elvis there was Jesus and before James Brown there was Jesus and uh (chuckles) and uh….Jesus and the disciples, Jesus and the disciples, that´s a great band name, I don´t know why, why isn´t somebody….that sounds like a punk band, if I start my punk band, it´ll be Jesus and the Disciples (chuckles) anyway, this is a song about Jesus as someone´s son and what that, uh, must´ve, might´ve felt like, this is called ´Jesus Was an Only Son´….
(….) at His mother´s feet….now the first thing that strikes you when you have your kids is this feeling suddenly appears in your gut that there isn´t anything you wouldn´t do to keep them safe….very striking feeling for self-involved musicians (chuckles) and others, and that
that´s a life sentence…..
(….) will pierce your dreams this night….now, if you figure that….the things that give our choices meaning….are the sacrifices we make for ´em, the things we give up, you choose something and you take a particular road and….get older and you realise that life is finite (chuckles) you´re not gonna travel all those roads so the one you travel, you hope you travel well and right….but I always figured that Jesus had to be thinking….´Man, the weather is beautiful this time of year down in Galilee and that there was that little bar by the beach that needed a manager….and that Mary Magdalene could tend bar and He save the preaching for the weekends….and they could have a bunch of kids and got to see the sun on their face…. and got to watch their….them breathe at night while they´re sleeping….and got to see the next day….and the day after that ….and the day after that….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´This Hard Land´´
´´Alright, so, uh, there was an Italian man and an Irish man and, uh, stop me if you´ve heard this one….and, uh, they´re in a bar and the Irish guy says to the Italian guy: ´Man, those Italians are, are, are really pretty stupid, you know´ and, uh, the Italian guys says ´Hold on, pal, hold on, hold on, Michelangelo, come on, come on´ and he says ´I bet you you´re so stupid you don´t know what Easter is´ and the Italian guy says ´Ok, let´s make a bet,´ they get the money out, it goes on the bar, the bartender slams a glass over it, the bar gathers around, the Italian guy gets up on the bar: ´Uh, Easter is when Jesus - speaking of Jesus - is when Jesus Christ, uh, rises from the dead, rolls away the stone´ - he´s practically got the money in his pocket, everybody´s like ´Oh, yeah, this guy´s got it´ - and if He sees His shadow….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´Matamoros Banks´´
´´Thank you….I wrote, uh, I wrote this next song, was….kind of a series of songs that I wrote while I was living in California and uh….there was an awful lot of border-reporting in, in….in the mid-90s and, and every year there´s hundreds of people that die just trying to come across our southern border and they, they, this year was a particularly devastating summer and people die in the deserts and, and crossing the rivers, uh, being smuggled into the country in the backs of vans and if you, if you eat, if you got strawberries on your table or tomatoes or lettuce, these are all things that, that cannot be machine-harvested, there´s still people, there´s people out there picking those things by hand and their hands are at your dinner table….as I´ve been saying, we are terribly in need of a humane immigration policy…. and uh….I´d like to do this tonight, this is a song that I, I, I wrote, it was written backwards, it starts with the….the first verse, which is actually the end of the story, starts with the body at the bottom of the river and traces a man´s journey across the desert, this is called ´Matamoros Banks´….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´I Wanna Marry You´´
´´Thank you….uh, got some friends of mine from Spain here tonight, they said they´re here on their honeymoon….yeah….that´s kind of pathetic (chuckles) nah, I appreciate it and uh, uh, and they just got married and I met them out back and, uh, so I´ll do this for, for them, alright….more volume, please, maestro….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´The Ties That Bind´´
´´Thank you, as you can see, it is true that, uh, uh, size doesn´t matter, baby (chuckles) that´s a mean little box there (chuckles)….let me tell you that I, I got a hell of a version of, uh, of ´Man´s Job´ I´m gonna play on that sucker (chuckles)….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´The Promised Land´´
´´I wanna thank you all for coming out to the show tonight, thank you very much…it has been fun….thank you, Long Island, our brothers-in-arms….or brothers-in-insult with the (chuckles) I wanna give a shout-out to folks from Long Island Cares, they´re here, they´re working to provide (?) resources to the benefit of the hungry out here on Long Island, you´ll see them in the hall on your way out, folks from Long Island Cares, they´re helping the struggling citizens of Long Island, please give them a hand, they deserve your support, I´m gonna send this out to them and thanks once again for coming out to the show, thank you very much, it´s nice to be back in the Nassau Coliseum….´´

09.10.05 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´´Dream Baby Dream´´
´´Alright, yeah….(?)….my oldest fan, my, my oldest fan is here tonight, she´s literally, this is, this is, she´s the fan, like, number one, she has a little (?) tattoo ´01´ (chuckles) this is for her, this is for you….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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