Story 2006-02-06 Los Angeles, CA

06.02.06 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Millworker”
“(crowd cheers) Thank you…thanks…I guess I’m not gonna be announced because I think I’m supposed to be a surprise or something (laughs from the crowd) but I personally, I personally am surprised, I thought this was gonna be a very small dinner and I was the only one playing (laughs from the crowd) I tend to be a little on the reclusive side so it’s…but, uh, tonight is kind of filled with resonance, I’m glad to be here with James and, uh, also the first gig I ever had after I made an album was opening in Pennsylvania for Cheech and Chong so (laughs from the crowd) alright, here’s “Millworker”…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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