Story 2006-04-25 Asbury Park, NJ

25.04.06 (morning), Asbury Park, NJ, for ´Good Morning America´
(talking to fans on arrival:) ´´This is awful! I salute you early risers….I must really wanna sell a lot of records to do this!´´
(Bruce to the stage manager:) ´´Feel free to join….there´s so many people [in the band], no-one will even notice. You´ll just slip in right in!´´
´´So no-one had to work today? That´s kinda impressive. (laughter from the crowd) We do have some empty seats, so there´s some responsible citizens out there - just not here.´´
(while waiting for the broadcast to start, Bruce is strumming and whistling a spaghetti western-type of tune, then he says:) ´´When they come back, I´m just gonna do that. Just three minutes of whistling. No more ´The Boss´ - I´ll just be ´The Whistler.´ ´Hey, The Whistler is coming to town! You know that guy who whistles? He´s coming, The Whistler… ´I saw The Whistler last night….and he was good.´´´
(after the broadcast ´Jacob´s Ladder´:) ´´And now, the weather!….´´
(before leaving the stage) ´Thanks for coming out so damn early. Ouch!….I finally got my voice! (laughs)….´´
(paraphrased from Backstreets Magazine issue 85, pp. 50, writer: John Schlicher)

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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