Story 2006-05-14 Barcelona, Spain

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´Old Dan Tucker´´
´´(speaks Catalan)….alright….come on, Gregory, a 150-year-old Bob Dylan song….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´Eyes on the Prize´´
´´Thank you….(speaks Catalan)….this is called ´Eyes on the Prize,´ I apologise for butchering the Spanish language (chuckles)….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´Erie Canal´´
´´Thank you….this is, uh…..(speaks Catalan)….this was written in 1905, back when mules and horses carried freight all up and down the Erie Canal and uh….mules and horses - very important friends at the time….actually it was, by 1905 they´d stopped, it was in the mid-1800s and uh, a guy named Thomas Allen wrote this in 1905, it´s a great, uh, a great American work song, ´Erie Canal´….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´If I Should Fall Behind´´
´´Gracias….I do this tonight for Patti (chuckles)….this is her, this is her last night with us for a little while so I´m sad (chuckles) I´ll do this for her….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?´´
´´This is a song (speaks Catalan)….we did our first show in, uh, at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and it´s hard to explain….what New Orleans is like right now, it´s the mother city of American music, where all the music that came from over here and across Europe met and turned into American jazz and blues and rock and roll and uh…..half of the city has lost its population and I think 80 percent of it has had destruction, it´s just an incredibly sad and tragic sight, it´s one of the most important cities culturally in the United States, it´s the, every musician owes a debt to the city of New Orleans so, uh….this was a song by a fellow named Blind Alfred Reed, he wrote this in the Great Depression, uh, I kept the first verse and I wrote three more in honor of our president´s visit to New Orleans where he managed to gut the only agency that could help American citizens in times of trouble….through, uh, cronyism and corruption and playing politics with real people´s lives, this is ´How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?´….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´Jacob´s Ladder´´
´´Thank you, this is ´We are climbing Jacob´s ladder´….rung by rung by rung, bit by bit, inching our way to Heaven (chuckles) Jacob was somebody in the Bible who, he was sort of always fucking up and getting in God´s disfavor….so God kept giving him tasks to perform and he kept trying to work his way back up the ladder….after (chuckles) I see we have a, uh, Spanish evangelism down here (chuckles) but anyway, we´re climbing that ladder one by one by one by one by rung by rung, are we ready?….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´Open All Night´´
´´Ladies and gentlemen, from the streets of New York City to the streets of Barcelona….Miss Patti Scialfa, Soozie Tyrell and Lisa Lowell….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´Ramrod´´
´´I send big birthday greeting tonight out to Mr.Jon Landau….he is the birthday boy - happy birthday, Jonny….(people sing ´Happy Birthday´)(chuckles) oh, I thank you, I thank you for him….he´s crying right now into his cake (chuckles)….I may need a little help for this, we´ve only played this once, we will now play it twice….´´

14.05.06 Barcelona, Spain, intro to ´´When the Saints Go Marching In´´
´´Oh, thank you…..(speaks Catalan) I´ll be back in the fall to play more in Spain (chuckles)
….thank you (chuckles) I thank you….thank you….been coming here a long time and, uh, you have never failed to surprise me so I thank you and uh….thank you for following me through all of our adventures together (chuckles)….and for your love and your support and your trust and, uh, we will come back in the fall to play other cities in Spain and hopefully get to see you….this is, uh….one of the most, uh, I guess this is one of the most famous songs out of New Orleans, it´s, it´s, uh, a prayer for the city of New Orleans and a prayer for Barcelona and the Spanish….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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