Story 2006-05-30 Columbus, OH

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´John Henry´´
´´Evening….hello, everybody….welcome, welcome, welcome on this lovely evening….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´O Mary Don´t You Weep´´
´´Good evening, sinners….hello, hello….woo, alright….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´Johnny 99´´
´´Thanks, Sam Barfeld on the violin….thank you, Sammy…oh, yes, yes, it´s a lovely night we´re playing….I like this warm weather….it makes me want to testify….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´Old Dan Tucker´´
´´Woo!…Eddie Manion, Love Man, La Bamba, Art Baron - the horn section….Soozie Tyrell on the fiddle….oh, that´s right, though we are not great in numbers, we are mighty (chuckles) we´re gonna test your mightiness right now….yes….it´s nice to be in Ohio, thank you, my friends….here´s one of my hits from 1843….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´Eyes on the Prize´´
´´Well done….very well done….very nice….yes, yes, yes, this was originally a gospel song called ´Hands on the Plow´ and it was rewritten in ´56, became a great freedom song….this is called ´Eyes on the Prize´….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´Jesse James´´
´´Thank you….Mr.Marc Anthony Thompson on guitar and vocals….(?) this right here, Mr. Spotlight Man, is Marc Anthony Thompson, that´s right (chuckles)….thank you, Sir, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes….alright, this song is steeped, steeped in a long history of American….bullshit, I´m afraid (chuckles) I´m not sure how much of this is true, some of it is and some of it is not but it´s all fun….and as they said in that John Ford´s ´The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence´: was it ´When truth gets in the way of the myth, print the myth,´ well, somebody printed the myth on this (chuckles)…´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´Erie Canal´´
´´Thank you….thank you very much….got Greg Liszt on the banjo there…..that´s right….he´s merely 12 years old, he is a wonder kid, a wonder kid (chuckles) he´s incredible….woo! this is a great work song, this was written, uh, about 50 years after they stopped using the Erie Canal to haul goods and freight up and down, uh, northeast (?) was, uh, probably one of the only pop songs ever written as a love song to a mule….that´s right….and, uh, mules were very, very important at the time for the economy and, uh, they still haven´t gotten their due and we´re gonna straighten that out right now….by the time I was young, mules were already reduced to vaudeville, Francis the Talking Mule and such….they had their dignity taken away ….it ain´t right….you guys, you give me a little work chant here (?)….for this is a hootenanny, alright (chuckles)….here we go (chuckles) follow me…..´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´My Oklahoma Home´´
´´Thank you very much….yes indeed….woo! oh yeah….alright, this is a song, uh….let me see ….written during the, uh….Oklahoma Dustbowl….you look back in history and you see these ….these biblical, apolyptic events that you think you´re never gonna see during your lifetime ….but we have and, uh….this is called, this was written by Agnes ´Sis´ Cunningham, this is called ´My, where is my Oklahoma home? it´s blown away´….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´Bring ´Em Home´´
´´Thank you very much….Marty Rifkin on the steel….that´s right….that´s right, woo!….(?) alright, this is a couple of songs for Memorial Day….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?´´
´´Thank you, our first show was, uh, was down in New Orleans, we got to play the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, a great honor….I´d never played there before and uh…. was, uh, was quite a night, it´s hard to imagine what New Orleans is like if you´ve seen it on television, television or the papers really can´t give you a sense of the scale of damage and how much of the city´s been just completely destroyed and I believe it has lost close to half of its population and if you´re a musician New Orleans is sacred ground ´cause everything came from Europe and from outside of the States and ended up in New Orleans and got all stirred up and turned into rock and roll and jazz music and, uh, blues music and ragtime and so much of, of, of the, so much of the music we´re playing tonight has come through there or been influenced by, by all the history of New Orleans….so, uh, they are still in just terribly dire straits and it´s very frustrating, uh, this was a song written in the 30s at the beginning of the Depression by a guy named Blind Alfred Reed and I kept the first verse and I wrote three others in honor of the President´s visit where unfortunately he managed to, uh, gut the, the only agency through cronyism that could´ve helped American citizens in times of disaster so, uh….this is ´How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?´….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´Jacob´s Ladder´´
´´Thank you…thank you, alright, here´s a song about….about Jacob, Jacob was in the Bible, Jacob was always getting it wrong, God was always giving him another chance to get it right, he kept climbing Jacob´s ladder rung by a rung by a rung, step by step by step, couldn´t get in (?) free pass, he had to work for it every day, we´re all climbing Jacob´s ladder….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´We Shall Overcome´´
´´Oh yeah!….oh yes!….ain´t that true!….oh yes, that´s Curtis King….that´s Cindy Mizelle, get some lights on ´em up here…..Cindy Mizelle, thank you, darling….Lisa Lowell on the vocals ….oh yes….Marc Anthony Thompson singing….oh yes….it is a good, it is a good night for a song like that….yes, it is, I like this outside playing, I didn´t play much outside due to, uh, my fear of what the weather would do to my hair, you see…..I like my hair a certain way every night and, uh, I always thought the weather would fuck it up very bad….I decided to have an inside career….but now we are outside and we´re gonna stay out….oh yes, this is one of the most important political protest songs of all-time, it´s kind of a song that started off our whole thing here, I need a drink, one second….oh, thank you, my friend, we´ll keep it between the two of us….uh, actually I used to take a drink right around here in the show, first night I did, it felt great….I lost all my aches and pains and started singing….but then I did again the next night, I felt like shit (chuckles) it was one of those one-time things….but, uh, this is just one of the, I guess one of the most beautiful and important songs of all-time, it´s one of those songs that get sung so much people sort of stop hearing it, there´s certain songs that were so big and became so important in people´s lives that they got sung so much that in a funny way you stop hearing them and they just kind of sink in to the, the fabric of the nation and into parts of your life that, that you can lose them in there and, uh, the great thing about a song like this that´s lasted so long and got so important is at that the secret at the center of it never goes away, it always there for somebody to dig in and dig out so I´ll give it a shot, ´We Shall Overcome´….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´My City of Ruins´´
´´Thank you, thanks for a lovely night, great time….(?)…got the weather….my hair´s still looking good, I just checked it out backstage….it´s that new weave, that new weave that Patti got me, it´s (chuckles) it´s holding just fabulous, fabulous….gonna send this one out to the folks from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, they´re out there in the hall somewhere….they´re here in northern Ohio, northern Ohio doing, uh, doing a good work, dedicated to feeding hungry people and struggling citizens….and they´re here in the mid-Ohio area….so if you see them on your way out, please tip your hat to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, they deserve your time and support….´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´You Can Look´´
´´Woo!….that was fun (chuckles) alright, alright, you´ve seen it all tonight except for one thing, we´ve thrown everything at you but the kitchen sink - ladies and gentlemen, bring it on ….(chuckles) that is a man playing the kitchen sink….you´ve seen it here first (chuckles)…. (?)(chuckles) Mr.Larry Eagle….park it, kid….don´t overdo it, Patti´s gonna kill me if we bust those fucking plates (chuckles)…´´

30.05.06 Columbus, OH, intro to ´´When the Saints Go Marching In´´
´´Seeger Sessions Band!….oh yes….that´s Mr.Marty Rifkin on the pedal steel guitar….Charlie Giordano on the accordion and keyboards….the lovely Cindy Mizelle on vocals….Curtis King on vocals….Miss Lisa Lowell on vocals….Larry Eagle on the drums….king of the rock and roll tuba, Art Baron…Richie La Bamba Rosenberg…Mark ´Love Man´ Pender on the trumpet…Eddie ´Thin Man´ Manion….Frank Bruno on the guitar….fabulous Sam Barfeld on the violin….Greg Liszt on the banjo….Marc Thompson on vocals and guitar….Jeremy Chatzky on the bass….the lovely Soozie Tyrell on vocals and violin….yes, yes, yes, thank you so much for a great night….oh, yeah, woo, be right back….it´s nice to stand up here and watch people fanning themselves out there, I like that….they´re fanning themselves, you know….it´s hot…it´s good….a long time ago my manager had an idea, he said ´We should tour in a tent, a tent, a circus tent, as a matter of fact´….I thought it was a bad idea at the time but, uh, I´m having second thoughts on that (chuckles) the whole thing would, the whole thing would sort of work (chuckles)…well, anyway, this is a song we learned for when we played our, our maiden voyage there in New Orleans, we played this with, uh, we played this with a great deal of trepidation because it´s kind of the theme song of the city and we are from New Jersey so uh….but uh….I was going through a….uh, I´m out of tune again (tunes his guitar) oh, that one….hold on, kids, oh my God….oh my Lord (?)(keeps tuning)….it´s kind of sad when people in the crowd are calling for your roadie for you (chuckles) I can´t tune the guitar….I´ve been waiting for about forty fucking years (chuckles) I just don´t wanna waste your time (chuckles)….thank you, Kevin….alright, but anyway, we found, I, I checked, I was going through this old folk book I had and I found a couple of verses that I hadn´t heard sung that often and they kind of opened up, once again it was one of those songs that´s sung so much you´ve sort of stopped hearing it, but these verses sort of opened up the key to the song for me and they also, they´re an explanation of kind of what our project is about here tonight, I hope you enjoyed yourself ´cause this is an awful lot of fun to do….and we´ll send this one out for you with all our thanks….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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