Story 2006-06-25 Holmdel, NJ

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´American Land´´
´´Good evening, friends and neighbors….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´O Mary Don´t You Weep´´
´´Good evening, New Jersey….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Old Dan Tucker´´
´´Sam Barfeld on the fiddle….let´s get right to it….let´s test these New Jersey-vocal chords ….the crowd was good last night, I gotta say….(?)….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Atlantic City´´
´´I guess you´re not getting rained on out there tonight….how´s everybody out on the lawn? (crowd cheers)….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Jesse James´´
´´Thank you….Marc Anthony Thompson on guitar and vocals….yes, yes…. a historical ballad right here, written in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Jesse James for 25 dollars…. oh, and, uh, I guess a song, uh….follows the maxim when a legend becomes a fact, write the legend so come on (?)….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Long Time Comin´´
´´Woo, let´s hear it for….the fearsome, little-children-scaring horn section….Art Baron, Clark Gayton, Richie La Bamba, Curt Ramm, Mark ´Love Man´ Pender….yes, yes….I think my babies are here tonight….they´re not afraid of me any more, they are afraid of the horn section so I threaten to invite them to dinner and that straightens them (?)….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Erie Canal´´
´´Oh, thank you…..not quite as hot tonight, there´s actually a breeze, there´s a breeze going…. there´s a dry spot right there, that´s how I can tell there´s a breeze (chuckles) but uh….oh, it´s great to be here, we had a blast last night, this is the first time, of course, we´ve played the Arts Center….yes….oh….but, uh, this is a song, was the, uh….oh my gosh, written around 1900, one of our newer songs this evening (chuckles) and uh….written about the Erie Canal, Erie Canal (?)….when it was built, it changed the face of commerce and the face of the country and, uh, a lot of great canal ballads and, uh, as I´ve said, there´s been an entire genre of, of mule appreciation songs, of which this is one of the finest….alright, but we need a little help….here we go, you can sing this with me….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´My Oklahoma Home´´
´´Yes, thank you…..this is a beautiful song, written during the, uh, the Dustbowl by Bill and Agnes Cunningham….it´s only been recorded a couple of times and, uh, it´s filled with a lot of beautiful detail and, and wit and a real toughness and, uh….this is called ´Where is my Oklahoma Home? It´s blown away´….(starts strumming his guitar)….that feels good….every now and then (people start clapping)….I´m just gonna enjoy it a little more….your clapping is completely out of time and it´s totally fucking me up….ok, one, two, one, two, three, four…. (people start clapping again) a little bit better….I suggest stopping….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Mrs MgGrath´´ (following ´´If I Should Fall Behind´´)
´´The lovely Miss Patti Scialfa….on guitar and vocals….thank you, darling….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?´´
´´There´ll never be a shortage of war songs, unfortunately….our, uh….first show was down in New Orleans and, uh….we´ve kind of been, uh, taking each evening to ask people to keep their eye on what´s going on down there in New Orleans, it´s contributed so much to the soul, to the life of America, contributed so many beautiful things and beautiful people and beautiful music….without the city of New Orleans, nothing would sound like it does….it´s where everything got mixed up and turned into rhythm and blues and rock and roll and Dixieland and ragtime and uh….so, uh, this was a song written by a guy named Blind Alfred Reed, written during the Depression, I kept his first verse and I wrote three more, uh, as we were about to head into the city and in honor of our president´s unfortunate early visit….so we´ll let the song speak for itself and uh….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Jacob´s Ladder´´
´´Yes, we´re all climbing Jacob´s ladder….Jacob´s ladder, Jacob´s ladder….Jacob was in the Bible, he couldn´t get it right, God kept giving him another chance….he betrayed his brother ….God gave him another chance….he betrayed his sister….God gave him another chance…. said ´You´ve got to go back until you get it right….you´ve got to work your way up the ladder….there ain´t not easy way and there ain´t no car pool lane, there ain´t no backstage pass to the Pearly Gates….there ain´t no free pizza….there ain´t no free bear in Heaven…. you´ve got to work for it every day and if you get it wrong….you´ve got to get up….if you make a mistake….you´ve got to get up….if you don´t get it right….you´ve got to get up and take it a step by step by day by day hand over hand….up that rung….rung by rung….we´re all climbing Jacob´s ladder….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´We Shall Overcome´´
´´Let´s hear it for the horn section (crowd cheers)(?)….good Lord…..and on the vocals the lovely Lisa Lowell, Curtis King, Cindy Mizelle (?) oh my….that´s good…..that is just good for you….it´s good for you….oh, this was a song that got us started off on our own merry adventure, it goes back to, let me see, I was 14 and Frank´s dad, this is Frank Bruno Junior ….his Pop showed me the first chords I ever learned on the guitar….he also showed me how to wear my t-shirt backwards, which I did for several years ´cause I thought he was the coolest guy that ever lived….and uh….then someone called up and asked if we´d do a song for a Pete Seeger tribute record, which if I hadn´t said ´yes´ to, none of this would´ve happened (chuckles) and uh….these guys came down and played at my house….and then we got a lot of old friends and new friends on stage (?) 30 years or more and….it´s just been a lovely, lovely experience and I appreciate everybody coming out to share it with us….(?) you rolling the dice (chuckles) that´s scary looking (chuckles) you´re right, it´s a roll of the dice but that´s why, you know, it´s, uh, we just got, traveled around, this is our last date here in the States and uh….we´ve gone many places where we´ve gotten such great support, it´s an, it´s an, something new, it´s an adventure, I appreciate everybody coming out and taking a risk with us, thank you very much….this was a song that, uh, that got us all going and uh…. it´s a song that never, it never grows old, it´ll never die (?) as long as there´s people on the face of the planet because the questions it asks are yet to be answered and the problems that it reveals are yet to be solved so let´s pray for that, this is ´We Shall Overcome´….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´My City of Ruins´´
´´I´ll send this one out to, uh, our friends at the Community Foodbank of New Jersey….they distribute, uh….Foodbank´s the largest provider of donated groceries….they ship up to 24 million pounds to 4,500 grassroots´ agencies, pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters across the state….(?) Community Foodbank of New Jersey….we also have our friends from New Jerseyans for Alternative to Death Penalty, however you feel about that issue, if you go outside, they got some information for you, it´s good to, uh…..I´m gonna send this one out to, to those folks….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´Ramrod´´
´´Thank you….Community Foodbank….New Jerseyans for Alternative to Death Penalty, please check them out on your way out tonight….oh, I feel good….yes, yes, I feel like dancing….do you have your dancing shoes on? (crowd cheers) we´ll start with the singing shoes, then we´ll go to the dancing shoes….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´When the Saints Go Marching in´´
´´(?)….wo, alright, we´ve, uh….wooh! (chuckles)(crowd cheers) that´s fun….thank you so much, you were a great audience….it´s always nice to come home and…..have a terrific audience….I wanna thank all you folks, please thank all your friends that we´re here last night….two great nights, two, two great audiences, we really appreciate it….once again thank you for coming out and, uh….we´ve got a few more left but, uh (?)….this is a song we, uh, learned for New Orleans and it sort of explains what we´re trying to do, the first verse explains what we´re, what we´re trying to do and there´s a verse, another one explains what we´re hoping to do (chuckles) this is a, uh…..well, I´m just gonna sing it….´´

25.06.06 Holmdel, NJ, intro to ´´The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze´´
´´Thank you….thank you…..Seeger Sessions Band…..Marty Rifkin, Charlie Giordano, Cindy Mizelle, Curtis King, Lisa Lowell, Larry Eagle, Art Baron, Clark Gayton, La Bamba Rosenberg, Curt Ramm, Mark ´Love Man´ Pender, Eddie Manion, Frank Bruno on the guitar, Sam Barfeld on the fiddle, Greg Liszt on the banjo, Jeremy Chatzky on the stand-up bass, the fabulous Miss Soozie Tyrell on vocals and fiddle…..Marc Anthony Thompson on the vocals and the lovely Miss Patti Scialfa….we thank you for your support….and we got one more for you….now, this is sort of the other song that explains what we´re trying to do, what, what we´re, not what we´re trying to do but what we´re doing (chuckles) alright….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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