Story 2006-10-01 Bologna, Italy

01.10.06 Bologna, Italy, intro to ´´O Mary Don´t You Weep´´
´´Good evening, Bologna….(?) bella essere qui….Bologna, Torino, Udine, Verona, Perugia, Casserta e Roma, sette e numero fortunato….good to be in Italy….´´
[´´….beautiful to be here….seven is a lucky number….´´]

01.10.06 Bologna, Italy, intro to ´´Jesse James´´
[The crowd sings ´Happy Birthday´]

01.10.06 Bologna, Italy, intro to ´´The River´´
´´Ok, uh….lo canto (?) della la prima volta….Bologna….´´
[´´…I´ll sing this…for the first time….´´]

01.10.06 Bologna, Italy, intro to ´´How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?´´
´´This is for New Orleans….´´

01.10.06 Bologna, Italy, intro to ´´Jacob´s Ladder´´
´´Yeah, it´s alright….let me hear a little blues back there…..I said yeah, it´s alright….I want you to take me to the E-minor ´cause I said yeah, it´s alright….now back to the G ´cause I said yeah, it´s alright….I want you to listen to me this evening….because I´ve got a story to tell….to the minor, I´ve got me a story….and I´ve got to get it (?) now, to the C…everybody working harder and harder….to the one, but in the end we´re all gonna be climbing…. climbing Jacob´s Ladder….´´

01.10.06 Bologna, Italy, intro to ´´When The Saints Go Marching In´´
´´Thank you so much….yes, yes….I wanna thank everybody for coming to the show tonight ….thank all my Italian fans….I´ll learn this in Italian by tomorrow (chuckles) but, uh, we´re very excited to be here for seven shows in Italy and uh….we´re gonna have a lot of fun, alright….´´

01.10.06 Bologna, Italy, intro to ´´This Little Light Of Mine´´
´´That´s right, thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for coming out tonight….I wanna say we have this wonderful band here tonight, Mr.Marty Rifkin on the dobro and steel…Charlie Giordano on the keyboards, Cindy Mizelle on the vocals, Curtis King, vocals, Lisa Lowell, vocals, Larry Eagle on the drums, Art Baron on the tuba, Clark Gayton on the trombone, Curt Ramm on the trumpet, Eddie Manion on the saxophone, Frank Bruno on the guitar, Sam Barfeld on the violin, lovely Soozie Tyrell on violin and vocals, Greg Litzt on the banjo, Jeremy Chatzky on the bass, Marc Anthony Thompson on vocals and guitar and la bellissima Patti Scialfa….oh, that´s right now, sing yourself back home….here we go….give me a little more of that piano….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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