Story 2006-11-11 Wembley Arena, London, England

11.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Growin´ Up´´
´´Thank you….I wanna thank everybody for coming out, it´s great to be back….at the, uh, Wembley Arena….it´s a good little place….that was fun, we did Hammersmith Odeon last time, that was (crowd cheers) yeah, everybody was there (chuckles) but they´d changed it to Hammersmith Apollo, why´d they do that? I don´t know, why´d they do that? I don´t understand it, anyway, this is for, uh, an old song for young fans out there….´´

11.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Devils&Dust´´
´´Marty Rifkin on the steel….´Pops´ Baron on the trombone….Clark Gayton, an international man of mystery….Eddie ´Thin Man´ Manion….well, some, uh, some semblance of sanity has returned to the United States (crowd cheers) but damn, it was close, it was more than close ….that Abraham Lincoln, uh, the great Abraham Lincoln-quote: ´You can fool some of the people all the time, fool all the people some of the time, but you can´t fool all the people all the time´….the problem is you fool enough of the people enough of the time, you make a big, tragic, fucking mess….(?)….´´

11.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?´´
´´This is for the mothercity of American music, New Orleans….´´

11.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Long Time Comin´´
´´I´m gonna send this one out to Patti tonight, she sends her love….she´s home, uh, tending the homefires, uh….we have three teenagers and, uh, if the homefires are not tended, they burn the fucking house down….we have a division of duties for the moment….I got the easy part (chuckles)….´´

11.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Gonna Be A Long Walk Home´´
´´Thank you….thank you….yes, the, uh, the ass-seat-separation was a success, let´s hear it…. a very tricky surgical procedure here in London on occasion, I´m glad to see it was accomplished….alright….(tunes his guitar)….oh, I went out to see Lucinda Williams last night and, uh…..she was fabulous, of course….beautiful songwriter and, uh, she was brave ´cause she played all new songs….and, uh (?) between my whoring and drinking, when I come home after that, I sit up in the hotelroom occasionally and I, I try to write so, uh (chuckles) this is, uh….this is sort of, it´s kind of a work-in-progress….I was saying earlier, you know, we had some, returned to some level of sanity in the States but there was so much destruction done, uh, just to basic principles of democracy that not only is it broken, it needs to be fixed now (chuckles) you know, so….this is a song called, uh, ´Gonna Be A Long Walk Home´….´´

11.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´When The Saints Go Marching In´´
´´Thank you….thank you….I wanna thank everybody for coming out to the show tonight….. we thank you dearly….and I wanna thank all our longtime fans here in London and the UK…. thanks for coming out, taking a chance on our, our experiment here….I wanna thank the Sessions Band….it´s been so much fun…..oh, we´ve had a lot of fun on this tour, a lot of fun, this is a song that, uh, I guess sort of explains what we´re, uh, what we´re trying to do up here so I´ll send this one out to you…..´´

11.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´This Little Light Of Mine´´
´´We want you to rise from your seats now and join us, please, we wanna thank everybody for coming out tonight….we wanna send you home with a little light in your soul and love in your heart….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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