Story 2006-11-12 London, England

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?´´
´´Good evening….alright, another one from ´Greetings´….´´

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Jesse James´´
´´Thank you very much….oh yeah, we´re gonna have some fun tonight….Gregorio….(Greg Liszt starts the banjo intro)….´´

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Bobby Jean´´
´´Mr.Sam Barfeld on the fiddle….thank you very much….good singing out there….yes….here we go….´´

**12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Mrs.McGrath´´ **
´´Thank you….thank you….well, I was telling the folks last night that, uh, some small semblance of sanity has returned to the United States now (crowd cheers) you know, I was saying, but it was, it was close….you know, I thought it was gone for good….and, uh (?) of course that Abraham, the great Abraham Lincoln-quote, uh, ´You can fool some of the folks all the time, you can fool all the folks some of the time, but you can´t fool all the people all the time´….but he should have added ´If you can fool enough of the people enough of the time, you make a terrible, tragic mess of things´….so….´´

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?´´
´´This is for the mothercity of American music….New Orleans….´´

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Long Time Comin´´´
´´Curtis King….Cindy Mizelle, Miss Lisa Lowell….lookout now….oh yeah, I´m gonna send this one out to Patti….my lovely lady, she sends her love….I was explaining to the folks last night that we have three teenagers and, uh….those bastards simply can´t be trusted….that´s in the nutshell right there….no, I´m sorry, they, we did our best but they can´t, that´s all, we fucked it up….that´s all there is to it so somebody´s gotta keep an eye on ´em….she sends her love and I get to do the lazy man´s work out here….so, uh….I´ll send this one out to her tonight….´´

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´Land Of Hope And Dreams´´
´´(?)…was, uh, fucking with my, fucking with my mind (chuckles)….´´

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´When The Saints Go Marching In´´
´´Thank you….thank you very much….(some people yell ´Fire´) oh, fuck no (chuckles) this is a, uh….this is a song that sort of explains our whole experiment up here…..and, uh….here we go….oh, I´ll take a second and thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight….. thank you so much….we, uh, appreciate your support of this music very much….and, uh, appreciate you coming out and taking a chance on us on our experiment and, uh….of course a long-standing thank you to all our great fans here in London and throughout the UK for supporting us (?)….´´

12.11.06 London, England, intro to ´´This Little Light Of Mine´´
´´Lisa Lowell and Marc Anthony Thompson….bring it home, Charles, come on….we wanna thank everybody for coming out to the show tonight, we want you to rise up out of your seats now and please join us…Charles….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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