Story 2006-11-21 Belfast, Ireland

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “Atlantic City”
“(Evan and Sam Springsteen: “Ladies and gentlemen, Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band”) (crowd cheers)…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “For You”
“Yes, yes (crowd cheers) that’s Eddie Manion on the saxophone (crowd cheers) Curt Ramm on the trumpet (crowd cheers) Clark “Sex Machine” Gayton on the trombone (crowd cheers) Art “Pops” Baron on the tuba (crowd cheers)…(laughs) woo! (crowd cheers) it’s good to be back in Belfast (crowd cheers) thank you, thank you for having us, alright…alright, we just learned this one, we played it last night for the first time, tonight we’re gonna play it again, this is off my very first record (crowd cheers)…yes, made it in 1972, I was a wee lad of ten years old (laughs from the crowd) very precocious, natural genius sort of thing…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “Mansion on the Hill”
“Thank you…this is something we haven’t played this tour yet (crowd cheers) our last night, we gotta do something different, alright, uh, what key? the key of “E,” key of “E”…this is from, uh, the Nebraska-record (crowd cheers)…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “If I Should Fall Behind”
“Oh yes…Marty Rifkin on the swinging steel guitar (crowd cheers) from California…he played on “Devils & Dust” and on “The Ghost of Tom Joad” (crowd cheers) the swinging Sessions horn section over there (crowd cheers)(?) we’ve got the whole family with us tonight so (crowd cheers) generally we, we would have a division of duties where…kids are all pretty much in high school and, uh, they’re here somewhere…the bastards can’t be trusted (chuckles)(laughs from the crowd) and uh, so somebody has to stay home with ‘em…(?)… but anyway (chuckles)(some kids yell) is that them? (chuckles) (laughs from the crowd)…anyway, I’m gonna do this song tonight, this is the last night of our tour here and uh (crowd boos and “Bruuces”) yes…so I’m gonna dedicate this to my lovely, my lovely love, Patti Scialfa (crowd cheers) I just made that up, “my lovely love,” it just came right out of me, did it off the top of my head…(?) I made it, I made it up right on spot, right here (chuckles) go ahead, Charles…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?”
“This is for the mother city of American music, New Orleans…it’s still suffering terribly from the after-effects of…the hurricane…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, middle of “Pay Me My Money Down”
“It’s time now…oh, the hour’s getting late…we can’t wait…we can’t (?)…it is time to see…the Belfast ass rise from the Belfast seat (crowd cheers) come on, you can do it…that’s your ass, that’s your seat – separate ‘em, that’s right…you got it, oh, you looking good now (?) Charles…they’re almost ready…almost…almost (crowd cheers) almost (crowd cheers)…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “When the Lights Go Marching In”
“[beginning of the intro missing]…(crowd cheers) it’s, uh…one of the nicest musical experiences in my life, I want to thank all the guys and gals of the Sessions Band, thank you (crowd cheers) and I wanna thank all you fans and folks that have come out to the shows and taken a chance on this music and what we’ve been doing up here, I appreciate that a lot, thank you for taking a chance on us (crowd cheers) and, uh, we wish you well and safe travels till we, till we meet again (crowd cheers) I also wanna thank all the folks that are behind the scenes, all the guys in the crew that help us put the show on every night (?)(crowd cheers) and uh …I guess the last time I was up here was around 1995? (crowd: “’96”) ’96, alright, ’96 and, uh…it’s just good to be back and see, uh, see how well the city is doing, the town is doing, uh (crowd cheers) just wanna say God bless you all here…this is, uh, this is something for Belfast tonight (crowd cheers)…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “This Little Light of Mine”
“Play the song, Charles…I wanna thank you all again for coming out tonight, thank you, Belfast (crowd cheers) and I want you to rise from your seat now and please join us, come on…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, intro to “We Shall Overcome”
“Alright, here’s the one that, uh, kind of got us all together up here so we’ll do this…”

21.11.06 Belfast, Northern Ireland, after “We Shall Overcome”
“God bless you, Belfast, we’ll be seeing you (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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