Story 2007-10-15 Toronto, ON

15.10.07 Toronto, Canada, intro to ´´Radio Nowhere´´
´´Toronto!….is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers)….´´

15.10.07 Toronto, Canada, intro to ´´For You´´
´´Alright, good evening….a special request tonight for….Ed (chuckles)….ready?….give me tempo, Max….´´

15.10.07 Toronto, Canada, intro to ´´Magic´´
´´Thank you very much….this is the title song from my new album….and uh….I wrote it as we sort of live in an Orwellian time when, uh, what´s true can be made to seem like a lie and what´s a lie can be made to seem true so this song is not really about magic, it´s about tricks ….and their consequences….´´

15.10.07 Toronto, Canada, intro to ´´Livin´ In The Future´´
´´Good evening….Toronto (crowd cheers) I´m so glad to be in your beautiful city tonight…. this is a song called ´Livin´ in the future´….but it´s about what´s happening now….I don´t know what you got going on here but back home we got trouble in River City….and all, along with all the beautiful things we love about the place we come from, we´ve had to add to the American picture….rendition, illegal wiretapping, no right to Habeas Corpus, a rollback of civil liberties, attack on our Constitution….but we plan to do something about that right now….this is a song about things that shouldn´t be happening where we come from happening….but what we plan to do right now is we plan to sing about it….that´s a start…. and if we sing loud enough, maybe they can hear us on the other side of the border….here we go, Max….´´

15.10.07 Toronto, Canada, intro to ´´Incident On 57th Street´´ (following ´´Town Called Heartbreak´´)
´´Miss Patti Scialfa….yes, yes, yes….Patti´s got a great record out, on sale at the concession stands along with our fabulous t-shirts and a new line of E Street Band sex toys….that´s right, what we use at home now you can use in the comfort of your own home….comes in all sizes, alright (chuckles) this is for Humphrey, tonight´s his 87th show….Humphrey…I won´t even go into the whole story, something about, uh, uh, this is for Humphrey….´´

15.10.07 Toronto, Canada, intro to ´´Girls In Their Summer Clothes´´
´´Thank you….thank you, thank you, Toronto….I wanna thank everybody for coming out tonight, thank you….I wanna thank you for all your support over the years, appreciate that…. we got some friends in the hall tonight from the Foodshare of Metro-Toronto….they work on food issues from the field to the table, they operate grassroots projects and promote healthy eating, food preparation, they focus on providing access to healthy food for everyone in Toronto, for Toronto´s struggling citizens, please check out Foodshare of Metro-Toronto…. they could use your help and your support, they´re on the frontlines doing God´s work…. alright….I wish they could all be Canadian girls….´´

15.10.07 Toronto, Canada, intro to ´´Thundercrack´´
´´Alright, this one goes back, back, back, way back….I wrote this one so long ago that this was all woods up here….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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