Story 2007-11-02 Saint Paul, MN

02.11.07 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Radio Nowhere´´
´´Saint Paul, Minneapolis! is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers)….´´

02.11.07 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Magic´´
´´Good evening, Twin Cities….hello, hello, hello….woo, glad to be back….good to see you´re ready (chuckles) oh, alright….Patti sends her regards, it´s, you know, the teenagers….this is a song, uh….the title song of our smash lp….this is a song I wrote about living through times when it´s so easy to see the truth twisted into a lie and lies made to seem true and, uh….. history spinning on a roll at the end of a wheel so….this isn´t really about magic, it´s about tricks….´´

02.11.07 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Livin´ In The Future´´
´´Good evening, everybody (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers) we´re so glad to be here in your beautiful cities tonight….this is a song called ´Livin´ In The Future´….but it´s about what´s happening now….now, along with all the things that we love about America and our homes and the place that we come from….we´ve had to add to the American picture over the last six years things like rendition and illegal wiretapping and the rolling-back of civil liberties….and no Habeas Corpus or right to defend yourself against charges in court…..we´ve seen the destruction of one of our most culturally important American cities….and because of the color of your skin or your circumstance or your religion, you may feel that these things don´t have a big or immediate effect on your life but all these things are an attack on our Constitution, which means they´re an attack on our selves as Americans (crowd cheers) and this is a song about sleeping through things that have happened here that shouldn´t have happened here….and so tonight we´re gonna do something about it….we´re gonna sing about it….we´re musicians….that´s a start….and the rest is up to the rest of us, I guess….´´

02.11.07 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Your Own Worst Enemy´´
´´Thank you very much….are we ready, Professor?….alright, tempo, Max….´´

02.11.07 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Girls In Their Summer Clothes´´
´´Thank you, we love you, Saint Paul….thank you….thank you, Saint Paul (?)(crowd cheers) yeah ….ah, man, we didn´t expect this big fuss (chuckles) it´s nice…..woh! thank you, thank you so much….I wanna thank everybody for coming out to the show, thank you (crowd cheers) yes, we´ve had so many great nights here in the Twin Cities-area….thank all our longtime fans and all you, you young fans I´m seeing out there tonight….that´s nice (chuckles)…. alright, we´ve got some friends in the hall from the Second Harvest Heartland, Second Harvest Heartland are the upper-Midwest´s largest hunger relief organization….for every buck that you donate, they distribute nine dollars´ worth of grocery products to the struggling citizens here in the Minnesota area so, please, on your way out check out the Second Harvest Heartland, they´re good folks on the frontline doing God´s work…..alright, gonna send this one out….happy birthday, a friend of the Big Man´s, this goes out to Jeannie Heintz (?)….where are you, darling?….right there?….alright, this is her happy - what is…- happy 86th birthday (chuckles)….that´s right, the only person in the audience older than myself (chuckles) this is for you, this is ´Girls In Their Summer Clothes´….´´

02.11.07 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´´Thunder Road´´
´´Alright, a special request tonight….this is for Angie and Mia, here we go….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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