Story 2007-11-15 Albany, NY

15.11.07 Albany, NY, intro to ´´Radio Nowhere´´
´´Albany! (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers)….´´

15.11.07 Albany, NY, intro to ´´Magic´´
´´Good evening….good evening, Albany….how are the Albanians? (crowd cheers)….this is the title song from our smash new lp….it´s a song about living through a time when you, you can sit and watch the truth gets twisted into, till it becomes a lie and a lie become twisted into the truth and, uh, the wheel of history spins ´round and ´round….I tell the folks every night it´s really not about magic, it´s really about tricks….´´

15.11.07 Albany, NY, intro to ´´Livin´ In The Future´´
´´Alright!….good evening, Albany! (crowd cheers) we´re so glad to be here in your beautiful city tonight….this is called ´Livin´ In The Future´….but it´s about what´s happening now…. about how along with all the things that we love about America and the places we come from, our homes….we´ve had to add to the American picture over the past six years things like rendition and illegal wiratapping and the rolling-back of civil liberties and no Habeas Corpus and the right to defend yourself….against charges in court….because of the color of your skin or your circumstance or your religion, you may feel that these things don´t have a large impact on your life but they´re all, they´re an attack on our Constitution which means they´re an attack on our selves as Americans….and the things we hold dear and have pride in, this is a song about sleeping through things that shouldn´t have happened here but have happened here….but the E Street Band has rode into town tonight to do something about it ….we´re gonna sing about it….´cause we´re musicians….and uh….and that´s a start and I guess the rest is up to all of us so….´´

15.11.07 Albany, NY, intro to ´´I´ll Work For Your Love´´
´´Oh yeah!….gonna send this one out to Patti tonight, she´s home on an emergency leave with three teenagers….this is for Miss P….do we have any lovers out there? (crowd cheers) do we have any lovers out there? (louder cheers) come on, let´s hear it….(?) love´s hard….you gotta work….´´

15.11.07 Albany, NY, intro to ´´The E Street Shuffle´´ (following ´´Sandy´´)
´´Alright, a double shot from ´The Wild and The Innocent´….´´

15.11.07 Albany, NY, intro to ´´Girls In Their Summer Clothes´´
´´Thank you….thanks….I wanna thank everybody for coming out tonight, thank you so much ….(?)(chuckles)….gonna send this one out, we´ve got some friends in the hall from the Supplemental Food Providers, they provide food, clothes, furniture and personal care items to the struggling citizens here in the Albany area, they operate solely through donations and they serve the ten county heartland of New York state, they´re the Supplemental Food Providers, they´ll be in the hall on the way out, they can use your support in any way, your time or your donations, please give them a hand….alright, I´m gonna send this one out to all the New York girls (crowd cheers) let´s hear you, girls (crowd cheers) and one Jersey girl at home….´´

15.11.07 Albany, NY, intro to ´´Thunder Road´´
´´Thank you, a special dedication tonight, I´ve got to, in the crowd tonight one of my best friends in the world, it´s his 53rd birthday and, uh, we´ve known each other for a long, long, long time, since our twenties, we´ve traveled across the country together many, many times in cars, on motorcycles, I´m gonna send this one out to you, Matt, happy birthday….
(…)(crowd gets to the ending of the singalong-part: ´´…and that´s alright with me…´´) Me too!….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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