Story 2008-04-04 Sacramento, CA

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “Spirit in the Night”
“Good evening, Sacramento (crowd cheers)…”

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “Magic”
“Good evening, Sacramento (crowd cheers) oh…it´s hot up here tonight, that´s good…thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out to the show tonight, thank you very much…Patti sends her love…I tell the folks every night we have three teenagers…so the valuables must be guarded, my friends, the fort must be watched… as I was leaving, uh, I saw the kegs of beer being rolled up the driveway…I smelled the pot cookies coming out of the oven… alright, that didn´t bother me that much…when the Girls Gone Wild-bus pulled up in front of the driveway, I got a little concerned …that´s right, Patti´ll take care of that, though, she will kick their asses, she is, she´s got that (crowd cheers) so, alright, here´s to the end…end of eight long years of bad magic tricks (crowd cheers)…”

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “Livin´ in the Future”
“Good evening, Sacramento (crowd cheers) we´re so glad to be here in your wonderful city tonight…(chuckles) alright…are we having fun yet? (crowd cheers) that´s good…this is a song called ´Livin´ in the Future´…but it´s about what´s happening now…how along with all the things that we love about our country and where we come from and our home and all the things that we hold close to our heart, we´ve had to the American picture over the past eight years things like rendition and illegal wiretapping and….the rolling-back of civil liberties…with thousands and thousands of Americans in danger of losing their homes…you may think that because of your religion or your circumstance or the color of your skin that some of these things don´t have any effect on you but…but many of them are an attack on our Constitution, which means they´re an attack on our very selves as Americans (crowd cheers) and, uh… this is a song about sleeping through changes in your home that, when you´re little, they told you only happen someplace else so… the mighty E Street Band is here tonight to do something about it!…we´re gonna sing about it…that´s right, we are gonna sing about it…they´re shaking in their shoes…somebody´s been fucking with my passport…I wanna find out who…alright, Max, help me tell the story…”
(* according to “during "Livin' in the Future," Bruce plucked a "Clarence for President" sign out of the crowd, and after carrying it for a while he set it up againts Nils' mic stand, where it stayed for the remainder of the show.”)

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “The Promised Land”
“Let´s bring it home, we need a new wind blowing through here…”

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “Sherry Darling”
“We´re gonna try it…”

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “Backstreets”
“(sees a sign requesting “Backstreets”) We gotta get that one…”

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “Girls in Their Summer Clothes”
“Thank you, Sacramento (crowd cheers) thank you so much, thank you for coming out to the show (crowd cheers) I like Sacramento! (crowd cheers) thank you, we´ve got some folks from the California Emergency Foodlink out in the hall tonight, they provide food and assistance throughout the whole Sacramento region and in every county in California, they have a job-training program, Foodlink trains and graduates hundreds of truck drivers who assist in delivering emergency food to the state´s struggling citizens, learning valuable job experience in the process, please, California Emergency Foodlink out on the frontlines doing God´s work, they can use your support when you go on out tonight (crowd cheers) and this is for all the California girls (crowd cheers) the California girls (crowd cheers) the California girls (crowd cheers) and one back in New Jersey (chuckles)…

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, intro to “Ramrod”
“Stevie…are your ready to roadhouse, baby? (Steve: ´Oh yeah´)…
(…) Come on, Steve…hey, Steve! (Steve: ´Yeah, baby?´) is it quitting time? (Steve: ´Maybe´)…I think it´s bedtime, baby…I think it´s sleepy-time…is it sexy time? (crowd cheers) then what I wanna know, Steve, is…what time is it?…(Steve: ´It´s Boss-time!´)…”

04.04.08 Sacramento, CA, middle of “American Land”
“Garry W.Tallent (crowd cheers) Little Steven (crowd cheers) Sister Soozie Tyrell (crowd cheers) the mighty Mighty Max Weinberg (crowd cheers)´E´ equals MC, Professor Roy Bittan (crowd cheers) Charlie Giordano in for Dan Federici (crowd cheers) the incredible Nils Lofgren on the guitar (crowd cheers) and last but not least, you wish you could be like him but you can´t, Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons (crowd cheers) Sacramento! (crowd cheers) Sacramento! (crowd cheers) Sacramento! (crowd cheers) Sacramento! (crowd cheers) Sacramento! (crowd cheers) you´ve just seen the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, hard-rocking, earth-shaking, booty-shaking, soul-quaking, love-making, Viagra-taking, history-making, legendary (crowd: ´E Street Band´)…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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