Story 2012-03-09 Apollo Theater, New York City, NY

Intro to “We Take Care of Our Own”
“Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for showtime? (crowd cheers) welcome to Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater (crowd cheers) I’d like to introduce to you right now a young man, he was a born in the U.S.A…arrived here tonight in his pink Cadillac… winner of the Academy Award…he brought you such great hits as “Dancing in the Dark,” “Born to Run,” “Hungry Heart”…I’m talking about Mr. Badlands, the Jersey Devil himself, the man who paid the cost to be the Boss…the hardest working white man in show business (crowd cheers) let’s hear it for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band! (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “My City of Ruins”
“Good evening, everybody (crowd cheers) we’re so glad to be here with you tonight at the legendary Apollo Theater (crowd cheers) and good evening to all those across the United States and Canada who are listening in via the satellite radio (crowd cheers) turn that thing up!…we’re glad to be here again, we’ve missed you…tonight we got some old friends…and we have some new friends with us… but the E Street Band’s mission remains the same (crowd cheers) we’re here to bring the power hour after hour (crowd cheers) we’re here to put whoop-ass session on the recession (crowd cheers) we’re here to bring a smile to your face, an extra beat to your heart and to raise your spirits high in these hard times (crowd cheers) and, of course, as usual…we’ve got a story to tell so let’s get started…turn that light down, Mr. light man…that’s right…”

Middle of “My City of Ruins”
“(Horn players take turns soloing)…That’s the E Street Horns (crowd cheers) alright, Curtis, Cindy, Everett, (?) come on, kids (singers harmonize) that’s the E Street choral – one more time, kids (crowd cheers)(singers go on) alright, Max!…roll call… Professor Roy Bittan’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Roy plays) go ahead, Roy (Roy keeps playing) Charlie Giordano’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Charlie plays the organ) Sister Soozie Tyrell’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Soozie plays violin) Nils Lofgren’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers) (Nils plays) Miss Patti Scialfa’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers) (Patti sings a bit of “People Get Ready”) Little Steven’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Steve plays) Mighty Max Weinberg’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Max drums) and Garry Tallent’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Garry plays) are we missing anybody? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody? (crowd cheers) that’s right, we’re missing a few…but the only thing I can guarantee tonight is that if you’re here and we’re here, they’re here (crowd cheers) if you’re here and we’re here, they’re here (crowd cheers) if you’re here and we’re here, they’re here (crowd cheers) if you’re here and we’re here, they’re here (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “The E Street Shuffle”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you…feels good (crowd cheers) this is, uh, our first non-televised gig, I think, right now (chuckles) wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle* (crowd cheers) yeah, oh, I just got out of the, uh, tanning booth where I had my speedo on tanning my cheeks and they’re just fine…we’re gonna take you back to the beginning of it all (crowd cheers)
[*Refers to his singing on “Sexy and I know it” on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 2012-03-02.]

Intro to “Jack of All Trades”
“Thank you, thank you…yeah, we got a new record out, “Wrecking Ball” (crowd cheers) it was, uh…music I started to write back in, I guess, 2009, 2010 where so many people fell on so many, such hard times and there was no accountability, people left in the mire to fend for themselves and there was no outrage and there was no Occupy movement at the time and I wrote this song around then…”

Intro to “Mansion on the Hill”
“I wrote this in, uh (a woman yells “Patti’s hot!”)(chuckles) yes, she is (chuckles) hotter than you know (chuckles)…I wrote this in around, I guess, 1981, winter or fall of ’81, it was shortly after the Carter recession, some of you folks are old enough to remember that…and, uh, construction went flat and, uh…I think I wrote “The River” and some things for “Darkness” and this at the time, this album…it was also the beginning of a 30-year-arc that would show the country growing farther and farther apart and income inequality and, uh, it can only go so far and the whole thing splits down the middle so, uh…our new record, on our new record our motto was, uh, dancing and crying (chuckles) this is just crying…”

Intro to “The Way You Do the Things You Do”
“Come on, singers, come on, singers (chuckles) yeah…that was fun …that’s how the whole fucking thing started (laughs from the crowd) what are you gonna do? (chuckles) yup…my 22, my 22-year-old son is here tonight so (crowd cheers) that was it, that was all there was to it, man (chuckles) now, let’s hear a chord…see how we do…let’s hear it again (laughs from the crowd) okay, one, two, three…(singers start harmonizing)…now if you played in a bar on a Central Jersey Shore in the Sixties and Seventies (crowd cheers) you played soul music…Motown…Atlanta…Stax…these were the labels whose very names held a power and, uh, and a mystery for us when we were…young and getting going…and we knew that way off in some Never Never Land of rhythm and blues there was a place called the Apollo (chuckles) (crowd cheers) it was the home of the gods and the true temple of soul…and as we struggled to learn our craft in the VFW halls and the high school gyms…at the supermarket openings, the drive-in theaters, at the teen clubs…we learned to play to many, many different audiences and the only thing you knew is when you played soul music, everybody danced, black people, white people, whatever it was everybody got on the dance floor…and all the men and women who worked on this stage were our teachers and our masters…and they schooled us and we hoped to deliver on just some small piece of their promise…and we studied all our subjects…geography – we learned the exact location of Funky Broadway from Wilson Pickett…history – “Change is gonna come” from Sam Cooke (crowd cheers) math – 99 and a half won’t fucking do (chuckles) Wilson again…religion – Aretha Franklin (crowd cheers) sex education – Marvin Gaye (crowd cheers) we were imparted with the wisdom of Solomon Burke (chuckles) and of course it was the poetry…poetry…the poetry…of Smokey Robinson (crowd cheers) he would go…You got a smile so bright…”

Intro to “Rocky Ground”
“We were making the, uh…no, we were doing Christmas shows and, uh, looking for a big choir…and I think that was the first time that, that we got together, isn’t that right? it’s right? right, this is Michelle Moore (crowd cheers) and, uh, Michelle has sung on, uh, “The Rising,” “Let’s Be Friends” and “Mary’s Place” and Patti’s records and her voice has graced our records quite a few times and very, uh…we’re just glad to have you – she came into studio and I was working on this song that was kind of just laying there and I said “I need some rapping, you know” so I tried to do it, you know (chuckles) wasn’t terrible (chuckles) wasn’t quite right (chuckles) she says “I don’t know, I’ll try it,” “My daughter,” she says, your daughter said you couldn’t do it (chuckles) anyway, it was like “That’s it” (chuckles) so we’re glad she’s with us tonight (crowd cheers) what’s the tempo, Max? (Max starts) okay…Roy (Roy starts playing)…”

Intro to “Hold On, I’m Comin’”
“Atlanta, hold on, we’re comin’…Greensboro, hold on, we’re comin’…Tampa (crowd: “Hold on”) we’re comin’…Boston, (crowd: “Hold on”) we’re comin’…Philly (crowd: “Hold on”) we’re comin’… Washington (crowd: “Hold on”) we’re comin’…Jersey (crowd: “Hold on”) we’re comin’…New York City (crowd cheers)…”

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