Story 2012-04-26 Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

Intro to “Badlands”
”Los Angeles! (crowd cheers) are you ready to be transformed? (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Death to My Hometown”
“Tommy Morello, come on up!…”

Intro to “My City of Ruins”
“Good evening, Los Angeles (crowd cheers) are you alive out there? (crowd cheers) that’s good…’cause we’ve come thousands of miles… thousands of miles…on the long, long road to wake you and to shake you and to take you tonight to higher ground…and we’re here tonight because we need you to take us there…oh…so high now…so high…the E Street Band is back (crowd cheers) and we’ve got some old faces with us and some new faces and I see old faces in the crowd (crowd cheers) and I see new faces too (crowd cheers) and we’re here tonight especially for you (chuckles) and for you, my man (chuckles) that’s right, and for you, and for you too…and we’re gonna send you home and your mommy and daddy gonna be so hurting tomorrow morning (crowd cheers) their hands gonna be aching, their backs gonna be aching, their feets gonna be aching… your voice is gonna be gone (crowd cheers) and your sexual organs will be stimulated (crowd cheers) that’s a guarantee, it says so right there on, on the little ticket in small print…but we’re here tonight…to shoot you with the joyous power of rock and roll music (crowd cheers) we’re here tonight to bring you the news, the news, the news with a beat, with a beat, with a beat, and we’re here tonight as usual to tell you a story…a story about things that get lost and things that leave you and things that never get lost and things that remain with you always…so let’s get started (crowd cheers) oh yeah, yeah, na na na na…There’s a blood circle on the cold, dark ground…”

Middle of “My City of Ruins”
“(Horn players take turns soloing)…That’s Clark Gayton, Barry Danielian, Curt Ramm, Ed Manion and Jake Clemons, the E Street horn section (crowd cheers) take me higher…take me higher…that’s Everett Bradley, Curtis King and Cindy Mizelle - the E Street choir (crowd cheers) come on, Max!…roll call…(?)…Roy Bittan’s in the house tonight (Roy plays) Charlie Giordano’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Charlie plays accordion) he looks good in that suit (chuckles) (crowd cheers) Sister Soozie Tyrell’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Soozie plays violin) the amazing Nils Lofgren is in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Nils plays) oh, I’m searching for my baby…Miss Patti Scialfa is in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Patti sings a bit of “People Get Ready”) from Asbury Park through Lilyhammer, Norway…Little Steven Van Zandt’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Steve plays) (?) the Mighty Max Weinberg’s here tonight (crowd cheers)(Max plays) that’s right…and Garry W. Tallent’s here on the bass (crowd cheers)(Garry plays)… are we missing anybody? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody tonight now? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody tonight now? (crowd cheers) do I have to say the names? (crowd cheers) do I have to say the names? (crowd cheers) well, all I if you’re here…and we’re here, then they’re here (crowd cheers) yeah, if you’re here, oh, and we’re here, then they’re here tonight…oh, if you’re here and we’re here, then they’re here tonight…I can hear ‘em in your voices, raise ‘em up (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “The E Street Shuffle”
“Yeah, yeah…that’s right…we got a story to tell you…some of it’s an old story, some of it’s a new story…we’re gonna take you back to the beginning (crowd cheers) all the way back…to E Street (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Jack of All Trades”
“Yeah, yeah, thank you, thank you…Tommy!…oh…yeah…alright… this is a, uh, (?) we’re having fun in here but outside there’s a lot of folks going through some of the hardest times in, in, uh, recent history, there’s, uh, folks who lost their homes, lost their jobs, lost their retirement funds and been preyed on in such a way that’s simply un-American and, uh, meanwhile there’s folks still pushing programs and cutback fundamental services for the people that’ve been hit the hardest by recession and give a free pass to the folks at the top and rich guitar players…so, uh, I wrote this song in 2009 when there was no Occupy Movement and there wasn’t any, any discernible outrage at the crimes that’d been committed and the damage that’d been done in people’s lives all across the United States, this is “Jack of All Trades” (crowd cheers)…”
**##030390|Intro to “The Way You Do the Things You Do”
“(singers start harmonizing)…soul music…if you were playing in a bar band on the Jersey Shore in the Sixties and Seventies (crowd cheers) you had to play soul music…and it was the one thing that guaranteed your survival in the VFW halls and the American Legion halls and the supermarket openings, at the drive-in theater intermission, at the CYO dances, at the high school dances, at the pizza parlor dances…if things ever got shaky and nobody was dancing, that was the kiss of death, there was a band but nobody was dancing – you aren’t coming back…so you had to have your soul music in your pocket…about a few months ago we played the Apollo Theater (crowd cheers) and to stand on that stage where all our, all our great heroes and our masters and our teachers stood, all the people we learned how to, how to write, how to lead a band, how to put a show together…they’d all stood on that stage before us…this was a song, uh…from one of the most elegant masters of soul singing…and soul songwriting…his writing was filled with so much grace and sweetness and so much gentleness…this is a song about appreciating…all the beauty and bliss that right…in front…of your face…if you just…open your eyes…I can see…You got a smile so bright…”

Intro to “The Ghost of Tom Joad”
“Woo! (crowd cheers) I’m gonna bring…gonna bring my good friend Tom Morello up here (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Rocky Ground”
“Thank you, Los Angeles! (crowd cheers) thank you, thank you…
give me that beat, Max…we got some friends with us in the hall tonight, folks from the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank (crowd cheers) their mission is to fight hunger locally, they distribute about a million pounds of food each week right here in Los Angeles County (crowd cheers) we also have folks from PATH – People Assisting the Homeless – PATH’s mission is to end homelessness in Southern California…each year they help over 4,000 homeless individuals find work and permanent housing (crowd cheers) I don’t have to tell you with the hard times you are having here, these, these grassroots organizations are more important than ever, people are depending on them more now than ever and they can use your, your generosity and your assistance, thank you…L.A Regional Foodbank and PATH…I’m gonna bring up now Michelle Moore, Michelle’s from Central New Jersey (crowd cheers) she sang on “The Rising” and Patti’s records and we’re lucky to have her with us tonight on this song…”

Intro to “California Sun”
“Let’s bring it home now…”

Intro to “Dancing in the Dark”
“Put on your dancing shoes! (crowd cheers)…”

Middle of “Dancing in the Dark”
“I have my sister here tonight…this is my little sister (crowd cheers) she’s got the moves…runs in the family…”

After “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”
“The E Street Band, Tom Morello (crowd cheers) thank you, Sports Arena (crowd cheers) L.A, we love you (crowd cheers) we’ll be back tomorrow night (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi.
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