Story 2012-05-30 Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany

Intro to “When I leave Berlin”
“Hello, Berlin! (crowd cheers) es ist gut wieder hier zu sein (crowd cheers) alright, this is something we learned just for you…”

Intro to “My City of Ruins”
“Hello, Berlin! (crowd cheers) hello in the back there! (crowd cheers) yes…Max!…das ist ein Lied uber hallo und auf wiedersehen …uber Leben und Tot…uber verlassen und bleiben…this is a song about the things…about hellos…all our hellos and our goodbyes over our lifetime…about the things that leave us…that we can’t do anything about…and about the things that never leave us that we can’t do anything about either…yes, yes…”

Middle of “My City of Ruins”
“(Horn players take turns soloing)…That’s Clark Gayton, Barry Danielian, Curt Ramm, Eddie Manion and Jake Clemons – the E Street horn section (crowd cheers)oh yeah…take me higher…oh yeah, take me higher…come on, singers (singers vocalizing)…that’s Everett Bradley, Curtis “King of it all” King, Cindy Mizelle and Michelle Moore – the E Street Choir (crowd cheers) yeah, yeah… come on, Max!…roll call…I wanna know who’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers) I wanna know who’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers) I wanna know who’s in the house tonight (crowd cheers)
and are you ready for a Berlin house party? (crowd cheers) are you ready for a Berlin house party? (crowd cheers) Professor Roy Bittan’s here (Roy plays) and Charlie Giordano’s here (crowd cheers)(Charlie plays accordion) and Sister Soozie Tyrell’s in the house! (crowd cheers)(Soozie plays violin) oh, and Nils Lofgren’s here tonight (crowd cheers) (Nils plays) oh, I’m searching for my baby…yeah, I’m looking for my girl now…I said I’m searching for my baby…oh, I’m looking for my girl now…meine Liebe (crowd cheers) wo ist Patti? (crowd cheers) meine Liebe…ah…sie ist zu Hause mit unsere Kinder (crowd cheers) sie schickt euch ihre Liebe
(crowd cheers) I’m sorry…she sends her all her love – Miss Patti Scialfa (crowd cheers) oh, but Little Steven’s here in the house tonight (crowd cheers)(Steve plays) and Mighty Max Weinberg’s here tonight (crowd cheers)(Max drums) oh, and Garry W. Tallent’s here tonight (crowd cheers)(Garry plays) oh yeah…oh, but I’m in a sad mood tonight… darling, I’m in a sad mood…I said I’m in a sad mood tonight…baby, I’m in a sad mood…you’re gonna have a house party…are we missing anybody? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody tonight now? (crowd cheers) yeah, are you missing anybody? (crowd cheers) are we missing anybody tonight now? (crowd cheers) well, if you’re here and we’re here then they’re here (crowd cheers) I promise if you’re here and we’re here, oh, then they’re here tonight…I can hear ‘em in your voices (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Spirit in the Night”
“Yes, yes…come thousands of miles just to be here in Berlin tonight (crowd cheers) we’ve got some old faces with us, we’ve got some new faces with us, I see some old faces in the crowd (crowd cheers) and I see some young faces out there too – give me “Yeah,” come on! (band: “Yeah, yeah”) the E Street Band has come thousands of miles on a very special mission (band: “Yeah, yeah”) we’ve come to bring the power and the joy and the glory of rock and roll music and shoot it straight into your soul tonight (band: “Yeah, yeah”) that’s right, we’ve come to rock your pants off, we’re gonna rock your pants off…if you don’t wanna be caught with your pants down, leave before the encores tonight (band: “Yeah, yeah”) we’re gonna rock ‘em off one leg at a time, first we’re gonna rock off your left leg (band: “Yeah, yeah”) oh, then we’re gonna rock off your right leg (band: “Yeah, yeah”) and then the pants are coming off, I’m telling you (band: “Yeah, yeah”) and we’re gonna start right now…give me a “Yeah, yeah” (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”)
give me a “Yeah, yeah” (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”) give me a “Yeah, yeah” (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”)…”

Intro to “Hungry Heart”
“Alright, this is for this little girl right here, here we go (crowd cheers) this is for you, kid…”

Intro to “Trapped”
“Oh yeah (crowd cheers) you’re in good hands with those emergency workers over there…good hands, good dancers as well providing for your safety…oh, we’re ahead of ourselves, that shouldn’t have happened till about two hours from now (chuckles) …the, uh, smallest request sign ever right there [the request for “Trapped” was written on a business card.] this is really cutting it close, this incredibly cheap, this is, right here, very cheap (chuckles)…”

Intro to “Save My Love”
“Oh, what do we got here?…ah…let me see…okay, we’ll do it…a very obscure song this gentleman wants to hear off “The Promise” …this is a song I wrote for “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and, uh …it didn’t get on as I hadn’t finished the lyrics…finished them a couple of years ago and…what do you got there?…oh, that’s a good one (chuckles) let’s see if we knows this one, let’s start with the piano and me (?)…(intro music starts)…this was, uh – keep going, Roy…this was a song about the radio…back in the day when the only thing you had that kept you alive was your little radio under the pillow at night…and you knew somewhere, someplace, somehow the one you loved was listening to the same song at the same time on the same station…and somehow…the world didn’t feel quite as lonely (chuckles)…and that’s our job here tonight (chuckles) (crowd cheers) oh, it’s coming up…here we go…”

Intro to “We Are Alive”
“I was coming to the end of writing for the “Wrecking Ball”-album… I was looking for a song…I was looking for an ending…and I… worked and worked and I couldn’t come up with anything, there just didn’t seem to be any way to bring full circle the moment when so many people that suffered and lost their jobs and lost their homes and millions of people out of work…there was nothing that…
that you could close on…so…I started thinking that I needed a song that wasn’t an ending…and I started thinking about how all the folks who come before us and all the hard times that come before and all the sacrifices they made…how many of them went to their grave seeing things not that much better…so I needed a ghost story, I needed a song about how the voices of the dead speak to and inform the voices of the living…so…this is my ghost story…so imagine it’s late at night and you’re in a graveyard and you’re going grave to grave to grave to grave and you’re listening at each one…”

Intro to “Rocky Ground”
“Alright…I got a sign here kind of commemorating our 1988 show in East Berlin (crowd cheers) that was, uh, that was a big show for us, once in a while you play, you play these shows that end up digging inside of you and living with you for the rest of your life, that was certainly one of them and, uh…we’re gonna do this song for those fellas and any other folks that were there on that day – some folks as old as me out there, I guess (chuckles) alright, this is…das ist ein Gebet fur bessere Zeit (crowd cheers) I’m always a little unsure about that, I’m not sure if I’m…this is a prayer for better times…”

Middle of “Glory Days”
“Steve…are you pants off yet? (Steve: “They’re coming off”) are they, yeah, yeah, they’re coming, they’re coming off of you, they’re coming…”

Intro to “Seven Nights to Rock”
“Are your pants off yet? (crowd cheers) no? (crowd cheers) I ain’t quitting till their pants are off…”

Intro to “Dancing in the Dark”
“Are the pants off yet? (crowd: “No!”) are the pants off yet? (crowd: “No!”)…”

Intro to “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”
“(Holds up a pair of jeans) We rocked somebody’s pants off! (crowd: “No!”) pants are off!…there he goes, I told you we’d do it, there he goes!…there’s a man with his pants off! I told you! (crowd cheers)…one more for Berlin! (crowd cheers)…”

Towards the end of “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”
“You’ve just seen the legendary E (crowd: “Street Band!)…”

After “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”
“Thank you! (crowd cheers) thank you for coming out and seeing us! (crowd cheers) we rocked your pants off, I told you we’d do it! (crowd cheers) thank you, wir lieben euch! (crowd cheers) wir lieben euch! (crowd cheers) wir lieben euch! (crowd cheers) thanks for a great night, thank you so much, we love you, we’ll be seeing you (crowd cheers)

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi.
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