Story 2013-05-04 Friends Arena, Solna, Sweden

Intro to “My Love Will Not Let You Down”
“Hej, Stockholm! (crowd cheers) hej, Sweden! (crowd cheers)(?) är ni reda? (crowd cheers) är ni reda? (crowd cheers) är ni reda? (crowd cheers)…”

Towards the end of “Hungry Heart”
“(Having drunk someone’s beer) I owe you one now…”

Intro to “Badlands”
“Yes, yes! (crowd cheers) oh, that was good…thank you, thank you, thank you…we are as always excited to be back in Sweden, back in Stockholm (crowd cheers) we’ve been, uh, coming here since 1975 (crowd cheers) who wasn’t born in 1975? (crowd cheers) fuck! (chuckles) oh my God! (chuckles) we were already, we were playing in your hometown by then (chuckles) I was talking to the folks last night about how much we’ve appreciated the welcome and the love we’ve gotten here over the years, it’s been very, very special, very, very unique and, uh (crowd cheers) we want to, uh, thank you for making us part of your lives, thank you for making us a part of your culture and thank you for making us a part of Sweden (crowd cheers) so a special gift from us to you: “Darkness on the Edge of Town” from start to finish (crowd cheers) for Stockholm tonight (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Open All Night”
“Thank you…Roy Bittan, Garry Tallent, Steve Van Zandt, Nils Lofgren, Max Weinberg, Charlie Giordano, Soozie…”Darkness on the Edge of Town” (crowd cheers)(Roy starts playing the intro music) and now back to the show!…oh yeah, Roy…give me little lights… okay…let me see what we got (chuckles) I see, I see people sitting down…that’s alright…’cause the concert-part of the show is over, from here on out we got a dance party going (crowd cheers) and 90 seconds from now…your ass is gonna tell you to get out of those seats (crowd cheers) that’s right, up there, second balcony, third balcony, folks in the back, 90 seconds from this second (chuckles) it’s gonna, your ass is gonna say “Get up”…I promise you…who’s got a clock?…who’s got a watch?…anybody got a watch anymore? (chuckles) you got it, brother?…I tell you, give me…90 seconds from – anybody?…are we going?…alright, here we go…from now!… not yet, don’t move! from now!…oh yeah…”

Intro to “Seven Nights to Rock”
“Alright, Stockholm, thank you once again (crowd cheers) yes, yes, what a great night, oh my God…well, one night just ain’t quite enough…two nights…I just get started (crowd cheers) three nights… I’m starting to warm up a little bit…four nights…I begin to get a little creative…five nights – I feel a little fire getting caught…six nights – my boots are starting to heat up…ah, but I really need (crowd: “Seven nights”)(laughs)…”

Intro to “American Land”
“We got one more for Stockholm! (crowd cheers)…”

Middle of “American Land”
“Stockholm! (crowd cheers) Sweden! (crowd cheers) Sweden! (crowd cheers) Sweden! (crowd cheers) you’ve just seen the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, Earth-shocking, hard rocking, booty-shaking, lovemaking, Viagra-taking, history-making, legendary E (crowd: “Street Band!”)…”

After “American Land”
“Soozie Tyrell’s birthday (chuckles)(crowd cheers) thank you, thanks for a great night – woo! (crowd cheers) I need some Viagra! (chuckles) we’ll be back in a week, we’ll see you in a week! (crowd cheers) for another jam-packed show (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi.
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