Story 2016-11-07 independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

A Better America Speech

The choice tomorrow couldn’t be any clearer.

Hillary’s candidacy is based on intelligence, experience, preparation, and on an actual vision of an America where everyone counts: men and women, white and black, Hispanic and native. Where folks of all faiths and backgrounds can come together to address our problems in a reasonable and thoughtful way.

That vision of America is essential to sustain, no matter how difficult its realization. Hillary sees an America where the issue of income distribution should be at the forefront of our national conversation, where the progress we have made in reducing unemployment is not enough. We must do better. She has a vision of universal healthcare for all that will build on the work of President Obama. She sees an America that needs to be fairer, where our highest courts look to protect the rights of all of our citizens, and not just the privileged. She sees an America where the issue of immigration reform is dealt with realistically and compassionately. She calls for an America that participates in the welfare of our planet, both in world affairs and in global science, and where the unfinished business of protecting the rights of women is not an afterthought but a priority. This is country where we are indeed — and we will indeed — be stronger together.

Now briefly, to address her opponent: This is a man whose vision is limited to little beyond himself, who had the profound lack of decency that would allow him to prioritize his own interests and ego before American democracy itself. Somebody who would be willing to damage our long-cherished and -admired system rather than look to himself for the reasons behind his own epic failure. That’s unforgivable.

Tomorrow, those ideas and that campaign is going down! Let’s all do our part so we can look back on 2016 and say, “We stood with Hillary Clinton on the right side of history.” That’s why I’m standing here with you tonight, for the dream of a better America.

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