Story 2017-01-22 Perth Arena, Perth, Australia

Intro to “Lonesome Day”
“Let’s hear it for our strings! (crowd cheers) yeah, oh, I’ll have to see if I can work that out later (chuckles) alright, uh, the E Street Band is glad to be here in Western Australia (crowd cheers) yes, yes, we're a long way from home, and our hearts and spirits are with the hundreds of thousands of women and men who marched today (crowd cheers) in every city in America — and in Melbourne! (crowd cheers) who rallied against hate and division and in support of tolerance, inclusion, reproductive rights, civil rights, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, the environment, wage equality, gender equality, healthcare and immigrant rights (crowd cheers) we stand with you, we are the new American resistance (crowd cheers)…”

Middle of “Land of Hope and Dreams”
“This train carries immigrants…”

Middle of “Growin’ Up”
“Okay…I’m…fourteen…I have nothing…I feel like nothing…I need something…something I’m good at…that’ll…take me four hours to complete (laughs from the crowd(chuckles) instead of four minutes …so…downtown there was a Western Autostore that had a cheap guitar in the window, cost twenty bucks so I knew I was gonna have to do the unthinkable: get an actual job…I’d go over (chuckles) to my aunt and uncle’s, they’d given me a job at fifty cents an hour…mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges…I work all summer and I get that twenty bucks in my hand and I go down to the Western Auto and I buy the cheapest, junkiest thing they have in the window and I take it home, hiding it like it was some sort of perverse sex tool…which of course it was…I get up in my room, I don’t know how to play it…I can’t play a note, I don’t know a chord, I can’t figure out a song so I just put it on…and I stand in front of the mirror…and I strike a pose (crowd cheers) then I try…or my favorite…and then suddenly out of nowhere…(the band starts playing)…”

Intro to “Spirit in the Night”
“Can you feel the spirit? (crowd cheers) I can’t hear you! can you feel the spirit? (crowd cheers) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd cheers) can you feel the spirit? (crowd cheers) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd cheers) if you can feel the spirit, I want you to answer me with a mighty “Yeah, yeah” – can you feel the spirit? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”) can you feel the spirit? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”)…”

Middle of “Spirit in the Night”
“Is this for the whole band or just for me or…just for me, alright…”
[According to, “Bruce plucked a cider from a fan who offered him four cans and then chugged its contents back on stage to Max's thunderous prompting.”]

Intro to “Blood Brothers”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) alright…let’s see if I remember this one then – so all you guys with the signs “Blood Brothers…For Matty” – Matty is?…the love of your life, alright…yeah…alright…let me see if I remember this…(sings to himself) (crowd cheers)…doesn’t look like it’s all the words right there (sings to himself) I’m trying (chuckles)…alright, I think I got it, give me an F-harmonica…alright, I’ll do this for Matty…”
[According to, a group of fans in the crowd requested the song for Matty, who had passed away.]

Intro to “Born to Run”
“Alright…yeah, we’re here tonight with the Foodbank of Western Australia also (crowd cheers) there’s two million Australians who rely on food relief each year, Foodbank of Western Australia is the state’s largest hunger relief organization and they run the largest school breakfast program and ensure that no child starts their school day without a nutritious breakfast, if you see them on the way out, Foodbank of Western Australia is here for you…here we go…”

Intro to “Shout”
“Well, wait a minute…I want you to, what I want you to do now is, I want you to raise your hand…oh, raise your hand now…I want you to raise your hand, then I want you to shake your ass now…come on and shake that ass now…”

Middle of “Shout”
“Sister Soozie Tyrell on the guitar, vocals and fiddle (crowd cheers) Charlie Giordano on the organ (crowd cheers) Nils Lofgren on the guitar (crowd cheers) Jake Clemons on the saxophone (crowd cheers) the Mighty, Mighty Max Weinberg on the drums (crowd cheers) Professor Roy Bittan on the piano (crowd cheers) Mr. Garry W. Tallent on the bass (crowd cheers) and last but not least, the one, the only, the inimitable, the inevitable, Little Steven on guitar and vocals (crowd cheers) alright…alright…alright…alright…alright …alright…Perth! (crowd cheers) Western Australia! (crowd cheers) Western Australia! (crowd cheers) Western Australia! (crowd cheers) I want you to go home tonight and I want you to knock on all your neighbors’ doors and I want you to get them out of bed and on the street in their pyjammies and when they’re right there in their pyjammies, I want you to tell them that you’ve just seen the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, Earth-shocking, hard rocking, booty-shaking, lovemaking, Viagra-taking, history-making, legendary E (crowd: “Street Band!”)…
(…) Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of Perth, for a beautiful night (crowd cheers) thank you so much (crowd cheers)…I don’t think I have anything left (crowd cheers)…(Steve: “The Boss has left the building…(crowd cheers) or maybe not…bring him back, bring him back, bring him back!…come on, baby…bring him back!…”)…”

After “Bobby Jean”
“Thank you, Perth! (crowd cheers) we’ll be back in a few nights for another spectacular (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi.
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