Story 2017-01-30 Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia

Intro to “American Land”
“Adelaide! (crowd cheers) yes (crowd cheers) tonight, tonight we wanna add our voices to the thousands of Americans who are protesting at airports around our country (crowd cheers) the Muslim ban and the detention of foreign nationals and refugees, America is a nation of immigrants and we find this anti-democratic and fundamentally un-American, this is (crowd cheers) this is an immigrant song, “American Land” (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Trapped”
“This is for all detainees…”

Intro to “Spirit in the Night”
“Can you feel the spirit? (crowd cheers) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd cheers) can you feel the spirit? (crowd cheers) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd cheers) well, if you can feel the spirit, I want you to answer me with a mighty “Yeah, yeah” – can you feel the spirit? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”) can you feel the spirit? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”) can you feel the spirit now? (crowd and band: “Yeah, yeah!”)…”

Middle of “Glory Days”
“Alright, Adelaide…I wanna see you shake your asses now…get up out of them seats, folks…I wanna see somebody shaking their asses up there…
(…) Steve (Steve: “Yeah, baby”) it’s ass-shaking time (Steve: “I know that”) are you ready, brother? (Steve: “I think it is”) are you ready? (Steve: “Let me check”) that’s what time it is (Steve: “What time it is”) ass-shaking time (?)…”

Intro to “Brown Eyed Girl”
“Alright…I am a Honeymooners freak – do they show “The Honeymooners” down here? (not much response from the crowd) (chuckles) “The Honeymooners,” a TV show…this doesn’t sound like it’s gonna work (chuckles)(?)…(chuckles) there’s all these people dressed up as “The Honeymooners” but nobody knows who the fuck “The Honeymooners” are (crowd cheers) just saying you’re gonna blow the whole thing right there, man…huh?…what?…oh my God, alright, I’m gonna, “The Honeymooners” is a sitcom from the 1950s that is extremely popular in the United States and for some reason you have Australians here dressed up as “The Honeymooners” (crowd cheers) and being that this is a very relaxed kind of evening, they have a sign that says “Let the Honeymooners – let the Norton and the Honeymooners sing” (crowd cheers) should we get ‘em up here? get ‘em up here, alright, come on (crowd cheers) Trixie! Trixie, hello (sings to himself) Norton! get up here, Norton! (chuckles)…Norton!…now this is “The Honeymooners” cap from the
Raccoon Lodge (crowd cheers) the Raccoon Lodge is a men’s club that the, that Ralph Kramden and his buddy goes to, in honor of this bizarre occurrence I’m gonna wear the hunter, the hunter, the hunter, yeah, the hunter cap (crowd cheers) and now we got Ralph Kramden (one of the fans onstage: “Ralph can play the piano”) Ralph can (fan: “play the piano”) he can play the piano? (?) Professor, this guy wants to play the piano (chuckles)(crowd cheers) alright, go ahead…where you guys, where you guys from? …Adelaide (crowd cheers) how’d you hear of “The Honeymooners”? (chuckles) alright (plays the riff) alright, this was their request…”

After “Brown Eyed Girl”
“The Honeymooners, ladies and gentlemen! (crowd cheers)…alright, I believe we have just seen the beating heart of Australia right there (chuckles)(crowd cheers) we got you guys all figured out now…”

Intro to “If I Should Fall Behind”
“Thank you, thanks so much (crowd cheers) we’re here tonight with some friends of ours, OzHarvest, OzHarvest is on a mission to eliminate hunger and food waste, they collect excess food from restaurants and markets and they deliver to charities that serve the hungry right here in your community, that’s OzHarvest, they’re out there on the frontlines doing a good work, if you see them on the way out, please give them a hand (crowd cheers) and, uh…(sings to himself)(chuckles) let me (chuckles) gotta make sure it’s there and, uh, this is for Brady from Mom…Sue…in memory…”

Intro to “Shout”
“Well…I think it’s time…I think it’s time…I think it’s time…to raise your hand now…I think it’s time…I think it’s time…to shake your ass now…shake your ass now…come and shake that ass now…”

Middle of “Shout”
“Thank you, Adelaide (crowd cheers) we got on the vocal, the guitar and the fiddle, Sister Soozie Tyrell (crowd cheers) Brother Charlie Giordano on the organ (crowd cheers) Brother Nils Lofgren on the guitar (crowd cheers) Brother Jake Clemons on the saxophone (crowd cheers) (?) the almighty, Mighty Max Weinberg on the drums (crowd cheers) Professor Roy “The Spider” Bittan on the piano (crowd cheers) come on, Spider, come on (Roy plays) Mr. Garry W. Tallent on the bass (crowd cheers) our guest tonight, Richie Sambora, on the guitar (crowd cheers) and then last but not least…consigliere Little Steven Van Zandt (crowd cheers) alright… alright…alright…Adelaide! (crowd cheers) Adelaide! (crowd cheers) Adelaide! (crowd cheers) Adelaide! (crowd cheers) Adelaide! (crowd cheers) I want you to go home tonight and when you get home, I want you to knock on your neighbor’s door, I want you to get your neighbors to come out of their houses in their pyjammies and I want you to tell them on the street that you have just witnessed the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, Earth-shocking, hard rocking, booty-shaking, Earth-quaking, love-making, Viagra-taking, history-making, legendary E (crowd: “Street Band!”)…”

Intro to “Rosalita”
“Now that we’re all warmed up…(starts playing the intro, stops) not yet, boys…(chuckles) wrong guitar (chuckles)…one, two, three, four…”

After “Rosalita”
“Thank you, Adelaide! (crowd cheers) thanks for a great night (crowd cheers) the E Street Band loves you (crowd cheers) in the stands! (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi.
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