Eulogy 2021-03-24 Stone Hill Farm, Colts Neck, NJ

Remembering “Michael Gudinski”
I started in the music business fifty years ago, when the promoters were all guys with bigger-than-life personalities, they met you at the tour bus and acted as more than just your promoter, but as hosts of the city you were visiting. For your stay in town, they would rarely be out of sight. And you came to connect each city as the alter ego of that specific promoter. Michael Gudinski was one of the very last of that breed. And as such he was very, very special to me. He did so much more than shepherd our renaissance, here in Australia, to where this became one of our favorite fanbases and most lucrative touring locations. Michael became a friend and when you thought of Australia, you thought of Michael, his bad jokes, his laugh, his great voice, his barrelhouse personality, and his generosity of spirit and kindness. He loved his job and music the way that I love mine. He was a music man. Michael wasn't just excited about the receipt; he was excited about the show! The music! I loved him, I'm gonna miss him terribly. And I am saddened to work in a business without the men who brought the kind of passion to their work that Michael Gudinski brought to his. Michael, I'm gonna miss you. But I'll see you in my dreams. G'day mate.

Compiled by : Jos Westenberg for Be True.
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