Code Changes

  • Replace "tag" with "tags"
  • Replace [[ include content_footnote ]] with [[include content:footnote]]

General Updates (In Progress)

  • Create Retail-category for Original Releases
    • We have a category bootleg, and we have more than a few pages specific to a bootleg. How about a new category "retail" and a page for each official release. Such page then can also incorporate other

release like anniversary releases etc. We can include the full album Youtube links that exist or the full album Spotify embed-codes.

  • Get rid off the musicians listings in the Detail sections of the 2000s OTT files. They're already listed on the song-pages.
  • Improve Joad, Rising, Devils, and later records OTT pages
  • Add parent pages to (all these pages need to be edited with a "full line" and an "Enter for Blank line" at the top of the page)
  • Relation-pages
  • Create Lyrics pages for all the official studio releases (in cooperation with
  • Update/Refresh/Modernize On The Tracks pages
    • Adding some tab-modules on th epages
    • Splitting content by creating an ott:song-title page for each song, so it can be re-used
    • including ott:song-title page to the song:-song-title page
  • Replace details with include-page on both year- and gig-pages. This will keep the info on both pages aligned. Edit only once ;-)

General Updates (To Do)

  • See if there's a way to automate ordering the "Live Top 100", the numbers are already automatically updated.
  • Check later years' gig-pages (2014-2018) and correct on new standard layout.
  • Add parent pages to (all these pages need to be edited with a "full line" and an "Enter for Blank line" at the top of the page)
    • Song-pages


  • Add code-line to indicate release of a record on the year page
  • Add recording date info from On-The-Tracks to Year/Year-list pages, and create respective recording:-pages (ex. recording:1978-03-00-record-plant-new-york-city-ny)
    • I have a calendar 1972-1978 with each date a recording session was held, and the tracks recorded for instance, the gfapnj sessions began june 7, 1972 with 5 tracks recorded; june 26 was the next day there was some action, and june 27 saw 12 tracks recorded, some going on the album june 29 and july 12 were the final days, until sept 12. When "blinded by the light" and "spirits in the night" were recorded in response to clive davis rejecting album as submitted, because there were no potential singles. oct 26 1972 last day - final dubbing and mixing of 4 songs. those are all the days sessions held.
    • Maybe use Google Calendar for storing Recording dates……..

Add image-icon to

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