1975 events

According to a November 1975 article by Linda Ellis in the Red Bank Daily Register, Bruce had to move recently from the house where he wrote, "Born to Run". In April 1974, Bruce rented the house at 7 1/2 West End Court, Long Branch, New Jersey. Though he was fanatical about paying his rent on time, he finally had to move in September 1975, when groupies found out about his place. He left a pile of McDonalds wrappers, Drakes Cakes, and empty Pepsi cans. His former manager, Carl "Tinker" West, gave him the nickname, "The Gut Bomb King" because he ate so much fast food. He took his 1957 Chevy convertable and record collection to Tinker's Surfboard Factory in Atlantic Highlands, not the first time he had crashed there, though it was in Ocean Township last time.

Bruce was in Europe, playing the Hammersmith Odeon, and a gig in Amersterdam. Linda took the oportunity to talk to people in his neighborhood, and his housemates that had not made the trip. Everybody in this area has known Bruce for years, and he is still just part of the neighborhood. Bruce walks down street playing invisible guitar He writes 3 songs a day

What did he do at home? His housemates and friends say he writes three songs a day, holed up in his room. He plays monopoly with Miami Steve, Southside Johnny Lyon, Carl "Tinker" West and Mr. and Mrs. Danny Federici, who had a baby in 1975, but was too young to play. Bruce would babysit, and Mrs. Federici (Florence) said Bruce played guitar for the baby, and he appeared to love it.

The game had a home-made Chief McCarthy card, and if you draw it, you get thrown in jail for no reason. Back on September 11, 1970, Chief McCarthy and his men beat up people at the Clearwater Swim Club gig

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