American Hotel (The), Freehold, NJ

The American Hotel was built in 1824 as a downtown stagecoach stop. In the 1840’s the structure was torn down to build a more spacious inn and tavern to meet the needs of the region. Freehold’s center of commerce, called the Market Yard, was growing profoundly as it was the county’s center for justice. The hotel served as a gathering place for local residents and as a way-point for travelers passing through the farmlands of central New Jersey. The hotel’s most famous visitor was Abraham Lincoln, who stopped here on his way to the White House in February of 1861. In 2007, the current owner purchased the hotel after being closed for three years and vowed to bring back the same original mission and experience of graciously hosting residents and visitors in a modern and memorable way. The renovation necessitated the tear down of a long neglected portion and a re-build to former specs to craft a sturdy, safe building that will serve well into the future.

Source: the American Hotel.

Springsteen did 1 performances, excl. rehearsals, at this venue.

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