Boss Acres, Holmdel, NJ

Telegraph Hill Studio was located in a barn at 7 The Summit, Holmdel, New Jersey, which was Bruce Springsteen's primary residence from the Summer of 1976 to the Fall of 1981, when he was evicted while on tour. Songwriting and rehearsals for Darkness On the Edge of Town and the River took place there, and footage of the E Street Band practicing was featured in the 2010 documentary “The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town.” The property address came from a cul-de-sac in a private community, but Telegraph Hill Road was the main drag the studio was named for. Look under the Gallery tab for the pictures!

The barn that was nicknamed "Telegraph Hill Studio", in reality, had no high level room acoustics or recording facilities. When not on tour, the band and others in Bruce's entourage practically lived at the 6,000-square foot 19th-century farmhouse, built in 1850, which had a swimming pool and a 4-car heated garage. The neighbors said they could tell if the Boss was home if his 1960 Corvette was parked there. Nobody is sure who started calling his home, "Boss Acres" or "Thrill Hill", but Springsteen liked the name so much, he has called his home studios that ever since. However, when he returned from the River Tour in September 1981, he found that he had been evicted while he was away. On September 15, 1981, he moved into a ranch house in Colts Neck, rented sight unseen, which sat on the shore of the nearby reservoir. When he bought an estate in in Rumson in November 1983, he called the studio he built in his garage, Thrill Hill Recording.

Springsteen did 0 performances, excl. rehearsals, at this venue.

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