Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

Celebrity Theatre is a theater in the round located in Phoenix, Arizona. The theater building, designed in 1963, was originally intended to be a conference center, but was redesigned as a theater-in-the-round or arena theater. It was further renovated significantly in 1995. The stage is 30 feet in diameter and completely round, exposed to the audience on all sides. An unusual feature of the theater is that the entire stage can turn through four complete revolutions at a speed of up to 0.5 rpm, thus allowing everyone in the audience to see every part of the stage at some points during a performance. None of the 2650 seats in the theater is more than 70 feet from the stage. The theater is equipped with an orchestra pit and can be reconfigured as a proscenium stage if necessary, although this reduces the seating capacity by 25% to 50%, depending on configuration.

Source: Wikipedia

Springsteen did 3 performances, excl. rehearsals, at this venue.

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