Charlie Chaplin Studios, Hollywood, CA

A & M Records and A & M Studios were located at 1416 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, California from 1967–1999. It closed in 1999 after parent PolyGram merged with Universal Music. After that the studio was sold and in 2000 renamed Jim Henson Company Lot and Henson Recording Studios, and the property is now owned by The Jim Henson Company. The property was originally developed by film star Charlie Chaplin, and he opened Charlie Chaplin Studios in 1917. After being sold by Chaplin in 1953, the property went through several changes in ownership until 1966, when Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss purchased the studio from CBS to serve as a headquarters for A&M Records. Alpert and Moss reportedly "astonished the big network by having their bank deliver a cashier's check for more than $1 million, the full amount." A&M converted two of the old soundstages and Chaplin's swimming pool into a recording studio. In 1969, it was designated as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

Source: Wikipedia

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